Paragraph On Dog In 150 Words

A dog is a pet animal that looks very cute. I have a pet dog at my home whose name is Baxter. It is only 1 year old and shiny black. Baxter has small eyes of brown colour. It runs with its tiny legs.

He is very fond of milk and bread. We provide him with a healthy meal every day. It protects our house from other animals and strangers.

It sleeps in the daytime and keeps awake at night to guard the house. He loves me very much. He gets excited every time he sees me. It spends most of the time with my father. It goes with us on the morning walk every day. My father bathes him every three days.

He loves to run, play, and jump. I also like to spend time with Baxter and play with him. He is not just a pet dog, He is my best friend too.

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