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Importance of Animals Essay in English

Animals play a significant role in maintaining the ecosystem like other natural factors. They are also very important for balancing the food chain on Earth. Hence, they can affect the entire existence of life on the planet.

In this essay, we will discuss why animals are important for humans and for the environment.


Animals help the planet execute the existence of life because they play a crucial role in maintaining the food chain. Human life is also immensely impacted by animals. From food to travelling, from security to companionship, animals have captured all the aspects of human life.

From ancient times, humans are using animals for their benefit. Different types of animals are useful for us in many ways. For example, some give us meat, others provide us with eggs, etc. Similarly, some animals carry luggage from one place to another.

Essay On Animals- Introduction

The Importance of Animals

Animals both large and small are a critical component of our environment. They are equally important as other species. First of all, animals balance the ecosystem on the planet. Some animals are dependent on others ones for their food. The extinction of one animal can lead to the extinction of others.

Food change starts with plants. Plants are eaten by herbivorous animals. Herbivorous animals are eaten by carnivorous animals. Hence, they are important for balancing the food chain on earth. This is how animals are important to the planet and environment.

How Helpful are they?

Animals have been helping humans since ancient times. Earlier, they were used as a method of transportation. Then, humans started using them in many other activities such as farming, protection, sports and entertainment.

Some animals are used as a pet. The dog is the most famous pet around the globe. This is because the dog is considered a loyal pet. Cows, Goats and Buffalos are kept in homes for milk.

Moreover, animals also cater for our entertainment in the forms of circuses, races and fight competitions. People enjoy riding on horses, camels and elephants. People also come door to door to display the tricks of animals to entertain children.

For non-vegetarian people, animals are a source of food. We get eggs and meat which is considered the best source of protein. There are various types of meats that come from different animals available in the market.

Further, animals come into use for testing new drugs. Rats and monkeys are the ones who are used for drug testing. This way we develop new medicines and vaccines for new diseases and outbreaks. Thus, we can protect ourselves from possible harm.

Apart from this scientists and researchers use animals in their research. A dog was sent to space to check the suitability of the environment there. That dog did not come back. Yes, this is cruelty against animals and this needs to be shut down.


To sum it up, animals are gifts from God to this planet. They are important for the environment and for humans as well. But they are exploited by humans. In fact, they also have the right to live their life their way. We, humans, have used them for the sake of our benefit. This cruelty against animals needs to be stopped.

Essay On Animals- Conclusion

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