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Essay On Cow [Short & Long]

Essay On The Cow– A cow is a domestic animal. The cow gives us milk, which is considered a complete, wholesome and perfect food. From ancient times, Cow’s milk is one of the most significant food items that provide us with a healthy life.

The animal cow has been helping us for thousands of years in our prosperity and good lifestyle. We can not repay its debts in multiple lifetimes. That is why in India, Cow is called the mother.

Short Essay On The Cow | 250 Words


The cow is a domestic animal and is considered the most useful animal for humanity. Cow’s milk is very nutritious and helps us improve immunity. Generally, the cow has four legs or arms, a pair of eyes, ears, and sharp horns. Instead of having dangerous horns, it is a very innocent, harmless and adorable animal.

This animal has helped humanity to move forward towards progress as its milk provides us with perfect and healthy food for a good and comfortable life. It has helped us live our life from ancient times. Even, this animal is still as important for us as water for the fish.

Essay On The Cow | Introduction


Every day we use numerous food items for living a healthy life. Which include milk, curd, ghee, cheese, cream, and several products directly made from cow’s milk. We need these things to achieve the overall development of our physical and mental health. So, ultimately the cow holds an important role in our lives.

Apart from milk, cows provide us with different things amazingly valuable to us. Cow’s dung is used as fertilizers in farming and to make biogas which is an eco-friendly gas. Also, its urine (“Gaumootra” in Hindi) is used as a floor-cleaning substance because of its anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, Gaumootra is used for curing various diseases.

Cows in India

Cows are highly respected animals in India. It holds a religious place in Hinduism. The Hindus call it Gaumata (“the mother cow”) and treat them as a mother. Also, cows are worshipped in the Hindu religion. In reality, The term Gaumata is perfectly fit for cows because they feed us with their milk for about our lifetime.


To sum it up, the cow is a very important animal for all of us. It is beneficial for us in several ways. But today cows are in danger and we all need to protect them. India has a lot of groups with the individual purpose of guarding cows. The government is also taking a lot of steps to protect cows from any injustice.

Long Essay On The Cow | 500 Words


  1. Introduction
  2. Its Importance
  3. Benefits of Cows
  4. Cows in India
  5. Final Words.


Who doesn’t knows about the animal “Cow“? It is a domestic animal and people keep it in their homes for various benefits. The most important benefit of the cow is its milk. Cow’s milk is considered good nutritional food.

It is a part of our daily meals because it helps us develop physical strength as well as mental stability. Also, cow’s milk is very good for improving the immunity that helps us fight against many diseases. Additionally, we Indians call it Gaumata (The cow mother) and it holds a religious side in society. It is worshipped in the Hindu religion.

If we talk about its physical appearance. It looks similar to the other four-legged animals like horses, buffalo, oxen etc. It generally has four arms (legs) for walking, a pair of sharp horns, a long tail with a bushy end and a big nose.

Its Importance

It is the most important animal for people because it contributes to the supply of food for us. We include cow’s milk and other dairy products made from cow’s milk in our meals. We get cheese, ghee, paneer, curd, cream, butter and sweets because of the cow. If we do not include these items, our diet will become incomplete.

Furthermore, Because of cows, we can meet the food demand for the population. Otherwise, there will be a shortage of food. Moreover, in villages, it is kept in houses as a business and by selling the milk villagers fulfil their basic needs.

Benefits of Cows

First of all, We call cows Gaumata (A form of mother) because it feeds us with their milk for about our lifetime whereas our actual mothers feed us with milk for as long as a period of some months. So ultimately they keep a place of mother in our lives. Cows give us countless benefits that we can’t repay.

Apart from its milk and related food items, we get benefitted from its dung and urine. Cow dung is used in agriculture as a fertilizer that helps grow healthy crops. Also, it is used to make biogas. You must surely be aware that biogas is an eco-friendly gas.

And if we talk about cow urine, it is used as a floor-cleaning fluid. You will find “Gaunyle” ( a floor cleaning product) made from cow urine in the market. Plus, cow urine ( also called Gaumootra) is being used to cure many diseases.

Cows in India

Cows are considered to be divine animals in the Hindu religion. The ardent followers of the Hindu religion worship cows like a Goddess. A cow has been given the status of a mother in Hinduism. This is why people refer to it as ‘Gau Mata’ which translates to Mother Cow. Many followers of this religion consider it a sin to kill cows.

But, there are a lot of cows that are not being taken care of. They are abandoned to roam throughout on roads through which they get many diseases. They also meet accidents and lose their lives. People and government need to take important steps to keep the cows in a safe place to protect them.

Now, India has a bunch of teams with the single purpose of guarding cows. They work to help cows get out of any danger. They do not permit any kind of harm to cows.

Final Words

In final words, we are well aware of the importance and the benefits of this most adorable and lovable animal. It has supported us from ancient times and somewhere we are still dependent on it. But some of them are in difficulties. We need to get them out of their problems. We must take care of them as they did to us. individuals and the government must come all together to help the cows.

Essay On The Cow | Conclusion


  1. Why cows are important?

    They are important to us because they provide us with their milk through which various delicious dishes are prepared and the milk alone is the perfect food. Also, they are important for the balance of the ecosystem.

  2. How are cows treated in India?

    We Indians call them mothers because they feed us with their milk for our entire life as our actual mother does for some months.

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