Essay On Holi Festival {My Favourite Festival}

Essay on Holi

Essay On Holi [A Festival of Colours]– Holi festival is an Indian festival & grand celebration of the Hindu Community but it is celebrated by all communities. This festival is also known as “The Festival Of colours” because it is cherished by applying colours on people’s cheeks. The most colourful festival Holi is an identification … Read more

Essay On Television [With Pros & Cons]

Essay On Television

Essay On Television: Science has offered us many devices and appliances. Television is one of them. Television is used worldwide for entertainment purposes. Among all other means of entertainment, Television has gained the highest popularity. Today, every household has a minimum of one Television set. With the development of technologies, TVs have also been developed … Read more

Essay On Science In Everyday Life [Best One]

Essay On Science In Everyday Life

Essay On Science In Everyday Life: “Science” is the study of and knowledge about the physical world and natural laws. We can not change these laws but can use them intelligently to make our lives more comfy and luxurious. In fact, we are already doing it but not at full potential. Edward Teller has correctly … Read more

Best Essay On Information Technology

Essay On Information Technology: Information technology has changed the way of living of entire humanity. Basically, Information Technology refers to the use of electronic gadgets like computers, smartphones and tablets to send, receive and store information. Thanks to I.T. (Information Technology) that has made information accessible to everyone. With the help of Information Technology, today … Read more

Essay On Self-Confidence [A Success Key]

essay on self confidence

Essay On Self-Confidence: Have you ever Mindstormed over what is Self-confidence and why it is called the key to success? If not this is time to know more about self-confidence. In this essay, we will be discussing what is self-confidence, its impacts and how it is developed. Additionally, In the given short and long essays … Read more

Best Essay on Technology [& its Impacts]

Essay on Technology

Essay On Technology- Technology refers to techniques, systems, and tools that make any difficult task easy. These techniques, systems or tools have been developed using technical and scientific knowledge and observations. “Technology is a boon or bane”. This is a debating topic for years. The level of a comfortable life we are living today is … Read more

100+ Essay Topics (descriptive & Analytical) For students

Essay topics

Essay writing has always been a part of education and learning. It facilitates critical thinking whereby you reflect on an issue and reach a conclusion. Here are given some descriptive and analytical essay topics that will help you with your school and academic assignments. When you start writing for the first time, you feel it … Read more

Essay On Republic Day [With Headings]

Essay on republic Day

Essay On Republic Day– Republic Day is a complete national holiday in India. It honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950. Indian constitution is the biggest constitution in the world. Dr B. R. Ambedkar is known as the father of the Indian constitution. To create a … Read more

Essay on India [3+ Best Examples With Facts]

Essay on India

Essay on India My Country- India is not a nation, nor a country. It is a subcontinent of nationalities. India is also known as Bharat, Hindustan, and the Golden Bird. India is the country of my dreams. I love my country and feel proud to say “I am an Indian”. The country is well known … Read more