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Essay On Water Conservation [Short & Long]

Essay On Water Conservation– Water is Life and Life is Water. Without one the other can not exist. It is the basis of life on earth but we don’t realise its real value. In order to prevent water scarcity, Water conservation is only the remedy.

What is Water Conservation: Water conservation refers to the preservation, control and development of water resources, both surface and groundwater and the prevention of water pollution.

Essay On Water Conservation | 150 Words

Water conservation is an effort of preventing the situation of water scarcity. It is a combination of different actions like the preservation of water, and prevention of water pollution. It also consists of the control and development of water resources, both surface and groundwater. Water conservation is only possible when the government and individuals put their efforts equally.

Government should ensure that there is no dumping of waste material from factories and industries into water bodies. Huge monetary penalties should be imposed on those found polluting the water bodies. Authorities should build a dumping mechanism to ensure that waste is not being dumped in the water.

Individuals also need to use water carefully and prevent water wastage in every possible way. Teach the younger ones of the family about how to save water and why it is important. Awareness is the most powerful tool in the process of water conservation.

Long Essay On Water Conservation | 500 Words


Water is a highly required natural resource for the execution of life on Earth. So, the Importance of water can not be compared with anything else. Plus, there is no alternative to water. Despite the abundance of water on Earth, there is also a scarcity of freshwater.

Even if the planet’s 70% surface is covered with water, there is only 0.3% is fresh water that is useful for us. The amount of freshwater is very little. But daily, we are wasting water and polluting it in an uncontrolled way.

In order to prevent water scarcity, Water conservation is only the remedy. Water conservation refers to the preservation, control and development of water resources, both surface and groundwater and the prevention of water pollution.

Importance of water conservation

All organisms whether it is humans, animals, or plants. Each one totally depends on pure and fresh water. We just use fresh water in a way it is unlimited. This practice should be controlled and tuned for efficient use of water. Water helps body functions to be executed correctly.

Water maintains a balance in the ecosystem. Freshwater is rare to find on the planet. Converting hard water to freshwater will cost a large amount of money and mechanical power that could be infused into other development projects.

It seems a single element of the environment but it can impact the whole life process on the earth.

Reasons for the scarcity of freshwater

The first reason of all is too much waste of freshwater and careless use of water in a day to day life. Another reason is contamination from industries that throw untreated water into rivers and lakes. And the 3rd reason is the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that pollute freshwater.

Moreover, sewage water is also drained into rivers that pollute water. If we talk about natural reasons for the shortage of freshwater is global warming. With the increasing temperature of the planet, the groundwater level is depleting. Furthermore, clouds are moving away toward the poles from the equator, due to climate change.

Ways to conserve water

  1. While brushing your teeth, keep the tap closed!
  2. Prefer using a bathtub in place of a shower
  3. Use a watering pot to water the plants
  4. Use buckets to clean lawns
  5. Close the shower when applying soap
  1. Use the full capacity of washing machines
  2. Use the full capacity of the dishwasher
  3. Use a sponge to clean your car
  4. Use the water-saving button on the toilet
  5. Close the tap after drinking the water
  1. Teach kids not to play with water too much
  2. Take only the required amount of water in the glass to drink
  3. Check regularly for leaks and fix them
  4. Rainwater harvesting is a water conservation technique to save water.
  5. Water used for washing veggies and fruit should be used in watering the plants.

A life without water

Water is not only a demand for our survival but it is also needed for achieving a healthy life as well. Each one knows the condition of water-deprived nations like Africa, where residents are living a distressed life. It is time for everybody to awaken and understand the importance of conserving water.

In short, a world without water will make humans impossible to last. The same can be assumed for animals and plants. In fact, the entire earth will experience suffering without water. Further, aquatic animals will go extinct after they lose their shelter homes. With time the colourful earth will convert into colourless earth.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Water is a part of our nature and our lives. We need fresh water to live a healthy life and we are aware of the present situation. So, there is a call to recognise the importance of water. we need to save it from being dirtied and spread knowledge for the same.

Essay On Water Conservation | Conclusion


  1. Why water conservation is important?

    Water conservation is important because we don’t have enough usable water for humans. And treatment of unsuitable water is quite expensive for us.

  2. What is water harvesting how can this technique help in the conservation of water?

    Collecting the rainwater on the rooftops and storing it underground for future use is known as water harvesting. It helps in providing water for drinking and irrigation. It also helps us get rid of overflooding of sewage.

  3. What is water conservation? -for kids

    Water conservation means using water carefully only for important tasks and not wasting water by playing with it or unimportant things.

  4. When is world water day is observed?

    World water day is observed on 22nd March every year to spread awareness about water scarcity.

  5. How to write an essay on water conservation?

    Follow the given steps to write an awesome piece of essay on water conservation
    1. Write an engaging introduction showing the scarcity of water and what is the importance of water on earth
    2. Think of some subheadings like importance, uses, availability and more.
    3. Write engaging content using data and quotes.
    4. At last, write a conclusion with a finishing touch.
    that’s all your essay on water conservation is finished.

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