Essay on Save water save life

Essay On Save Water Save Life [Short+Long]

Essay On Save Water Save Life- Gold is precious BUT water is more precious, SAVE IT. Imagine a day without water. Isn’t it precious? Of course, it is. So, in order to imagine life on this planet, save water save life.

Water and life are directly connected. Even, the body of every organism contains water for more than half of its weight. That is why our space researchers try to find water on other planets of the universe in order to find living organisms.

Short Essay On Save Water Save Life | 250 Words


As we need air to breathe, in the same way, water is the second-most fundamental need for all living beings on Earth. The earth is full of water but only a little fraction (about 0.3 %) of that amount is usable by humans.

We need to understand the real value of water because we actually are not using this precious gift of nature efficiently. Water-saving is the responsibility of every individual that lives on the planet. There are various ways that can help us to save water.

We just need to adapt them in our daily lives that can help in maintaining fresh and pure water levels on the planet

Essay On Save Water | Introduction

How to save water

There is an urgent need to save water. Some easy and effective methods are accessible to save water. Everyone should practice these methods so that enough water will not get wasted. First of all, everyone must be aware of water-saving.

This must be assured that the water tap or the showerhead is not left open while not in use. You can use buckets in place of showers. Call the plumber if there is any leak in the water supply structure. Use the full capacity of the washing machine to save water. Educate the younger ones of the family to save water.


To sum it up, “Water is the most vital resource from our mother nature”. The water is getting wasted in some unnecessary activities. Also, water pollution is also the reason for the decrease in the amount of useful water. We need to save it as it has saved us for a long time. Individuals and the government should take proper steps to save water.

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One should know why our planet Earth is called the blue planet. It is because more than 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. But do you even aware of how much of this amount of water is actually useful for us?

The earth has an abundance of water, but sadly, only a tiny percentage (about 0.3 %), is even usable by humans. The other 99.7 % is in the oceans, icecaps, soils, and floating in the atmosphere. Still, much of the 0.3 per cent that is useable is unattainable.

Importance to save water

All living bodies whether it is humans, animals, or plants. Everyone is totally dependent on pure and potable water. Humans just use it in a way it is free. Yes, it is free because its value can’t be estimated in any currency.

We can’t even live a long life without water because it helps bodily functions to work perfectly and also assists in the digestion process. Most noteworthy, the human body contains around 70% of water.

Water contributes to maintaining the ecosystem on the planet. So it is a requirement to save water so that our Ecosystem will not get affected. We make sure that we are using this precious treasure efficiently.

Need to save water

It is confirmed by scientists that life is possible here all because of the presence of water. That is why space scientists and researchers try to find water on other planets in the universe. So ultimately it is a rarely found thing anywhere else even in the observable universe.

Apart from that, the fraction of usable water on the earth is very little. And converting ocean water into drinkable water is quite expensive. So why should not we save water? It will save a lot of money that could be infused into other development activities.

Reasons for the shortage of freshwater

The very first reason is too much waste of freshwater and irresponsible use of water on daily uses. The second reason is pollution from industries that supply untreated water to rivers and lakes on a daily basis. And the third reason is pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also polluting the freshwater.

Moreover, sewage waste is also drained into rivers that pollute water. Another reason for the shortage of freshwater is global warming. While the planet is getting warmer, the groundwater level is depleting. At the same time, clouds are moving away from the equator toward the poles, due to climate change.

How to save water

We can save water on a daily basis by practising these wonderful methods.

  1. Take shorter showers or you can use buckets in place of a shower.
  2. Using bathtubs will reduce water wastage.
  3. Turn off the water while shaving.
  4. Don’t let the tap open while brushing your teeth.
  5. Check faucets and pipes for leaks and fix them.
  6. Use your automatic washing machine only for full loads only.
  7. Use your automatic dishwasher for full loads only.
  8. Water your lawn only when it needs it.
  9. Educate the young ones in the family not to play with water and waste it.
  10. And most important spread awareness to save water.

Final words

In final words, Saving water is one of the most vital responsibilities of all the dwellers on the planet. Water is directly connected to life. If we expect life on the earth in future, we must save water otherwise our upcoming generations have to face the circumstances of the scarcity of freshwater or they will need to expend their money on this free gift of mother nature.

Essay On Save Water | Conclusion


  1. Why is water-saving important?

    Saving water is very important because it is a basic need for us and only 2.5 % of the water on the planet is usable.

  2. What are the easy ways to save water?

    Understand the importance and spread awareness about it among people, Reduce the use of water in unnecessary activities, Don’t let the taps open, Conserve water, and many more. For more info jump to this page.

  3. When is world water day is observed?

    World water day is observed on 22nd March every year to make people more aware of the importance of water.

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