Essay on An Ideal Student [3+ Examples]

Essay on An Ideal Student

Essay on An Ideal Student- An ideal student is a student who is aware of his responsibilities and duties towards his teachers. His mission is to make their teachers proud. An ideal student possesses all the qualities of a great disciple. The one who wants to learn something enthusiastically is an ideal student. An ideal … Read more

Essay On Coronavirus (Covid-19) For Students

Essay on coronavirus

Essay on coronavirus: COVID-19 or coronavirus is the disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It is a newly discovered virus that belongs to this virus family. The first case of COVID-19 was identified in December 2019 in Wuhan city, China which is also considered as the origin place of the coronavirus … Read more

Essay On Computer [3+ Best Examples] In English

Essay On Computer

Essay On Computer- The computer is an amazing invention that has changed the world at an extraordinary level. It possesses the capability to solve highly complex calculations in seconds. With the development of computers, our life is being more comfortable and easy continuously. Computers hold the ability to do work errors freely and fast. So, … Read more

Essay on English And Its Importance [3+ Best Examples]

Essay on English Language

Essay On English And Its Importance- The English Language is globally popular. It has become a medium of international communication. This language enables the way to growth. But it does not mean that any other language is less important. First of all, it is necessary to understand that every language on the planet holds equal … Read more

Essay on Myself [3+ Best Examples] For Students

Essay on Myself

Essay On Myself- To introduce yourself is quite an interesting task for someone. Many feel this task difficult whereas on the other hand many find it a joyous activity. But one should have the ability to present itself excellently. When we are asked to write an essay on ourselves, we discover unwrapped qualities of ourselves. … Read more

Essay On Mother [3+ Best Examples]

Essay on Mother

Essay On Mother- Mother is the only person who loves their child unconditionally. She is the very source of life on earth. One can experience unalloyed love and affection in the form of a mother. No matter how much effort is made, it is impossible to define the word “Mother” in the available words in … Read more

Essay On Water Pollution [With Headings] For Students

Essay On Water Pollution

Essay On Water Pollution- Water pollution is a severe environmental problem around the world. We must be very conscious of this problem and make others informed about it. We exist because of the existence of water. Water is one of the fundamental needs to survive on this planet. All the organisms on Earth require water … Read more

Essay On Save Water Save Life [With Headings]

Essay on Save water save life

Essay On Save Water- Gold is precious BUT water is more precious, SAVE IT. Imagine a day without water. Isn’t it precious? Of course, it is. So, in order to imagine life on this planet, save water save life. Water and life are directly connected. Even, the body of every organism contains water for more … Read more

Essay On Child Labour In English [with Headings]

Essay on Child Labour

Essay On Child Labour- The term “child labour” needs no definition. It snatches the childhood and dignity of children. It simply refers to a crime where children have to work at very early ages. Various reasons drive children to work with or without consent. No Doubt, child labour is a heinous crime that deprives children … Read more

Essay on Corruption [3+ Examples] For Students

Essay On Corruption

Essay On Corruption- Corruption is affecting individuals’ lives as well as society and the country. It is an evil that is widespread in every field. The poor are the main victims and are highly Impacted by corruption. Everyone agrees that corruption is wrong and offensive. Corruption has become a method of earning money by using … Read more