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Everyone wants a super healthy and illness-free life. It is not tough to achieve excellent health. Some beneficial habits and activities can grant us good health and comfortable life.

Sports is counted as one of these activities. Many don’t have much interest in sports and games. But it is a fact that sports leave a magical effect on one’s physique. It can stretch the life expectancy of humans.

Essay on Sports and Games | Introduction

My favourite sport Badminton

When it comes to sports, I like many games like cricket, basketball, football, and hockey but badminton is my favourite sport. I am practising badminton since I was only 8 years old.

Everyone in my school calls me a badminton champion because I won the badminton sports competition for three consecutive years in school. I practice this sport daily after the morning walk. It fills me with limitless energy for the day.

Value of Sports

Sports and games hold unusual significance and value in human life. Everyone knows that it owns infinite benefits for our physical and mental health. Sports spark a sense of activeness and alertness.

Moreover, it helps us strengthen stamina and immunity that prevent sickness. Apart from bodily benefits, sports develop a sense of teamwork and connect us to other people easily.

Sports Day Celebration In Our School

Sport is a vital part of schooling. It is considered one of the important activities in school education. And sports Day is an event that brings us opportunities to show our hidden talent and win prizes and awards.

My school also organises sports competitions on sports day. No educational activity takes place on this day. Sports Day is full of fun, excitement and suspense for the students and teachers.


In conclusion, sports is one of the most beneficial activities that one should pursue in his life. It helps the body function to work properly and efficiently. It is a medium to achieve a state of a healthy body and an active brain. Without sports and games, there is no fun in school life. So, it should be made mandatory for schools.

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