A journey by bus

Short Essay on A Journey By Bus

We all love to travel to different places. In travel experiences, the Vehicle holds a significant role as every type of vehicle can change your travel experience. A bus is a very comfortable and satisfactory vehicle to travel.

A bus is a long means of transport that can carry a maximum of sixty people in one go. Here below is given a short essay on a journey by bus. The travel experience by bus is a unique life event that is a bit adventurous and full of joy. One who has not explored it is missing one of the best experiences of life.

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Short Essay on A Journey by Bus


Every vehicle has its specialities and so of a bus. A bus is a vehicle that can bring a maximum of fifty people in one go. We are social beings and this is the reason we like to do things in groups. A journey by bus is an adventuresome experience for a person. So, I and some of my friends decided to travel to Manali by bus.

The Story Behind this journey

There is a short story behind this journey. Let’s discuss the story behind this journey by bus. Once, one of my best friends started discussing the beauty of Manali. No wrong, the beauty of Manali has always been a topic to discuss. One can be astonished to see the real beauty of nature there.

He discussed a lot of stuff that no one in my friend group was well aware of. Then we questioned him about how he knows all these things. He then told us that he saw all that in a Youtube video by a travel company. When the discussion got over, we all considered having a real experience of what was discussed.

After that, We tried to reserve train tickets but there was a long waiting list. So, we decided to choose a different mode of transport. Then we determined to go by Bus. We arranged a travel bus. And climbed up with all the necessary things. The bus started and all of us had a lot of excitement. I witnessed a lot of shops, trees, mountains, buildings, people and more.

On the bus, The fresh breeze I felt on my face was very impressive which can’t be explained. We eat dishes that my mother prepared for the journey. After some time, we reached our stop. After reaching there we explored all the places we talked about before. It was such a journey in my life that can not be forgotten.


To sum it up, we should experience different events in life. For me, One such was this journey by bus. It was an experience for me that will remain rememberable forever and ever.

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