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Best Paragraph On Water is Life | 100, 150 Words

It is said that water is life because water is the base of life on the planet Earth. Even scientists trying to find out the expectancy of water on other planets in the universe in order to assume the presence of living things.

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On our planet Earth, Water is the second most needed for all living beings after oxygen. It is next to impossible to survive more than three days without water. That is why it is said that water is life. In fact, seventy per cent of the human body is made up of water.

Not only the human body but also other livings things contain the largest amount of water in their bodies. Water helps the body execute some of the important body functions like digestion, and excretion and balances the body temperature. You might have shocked knowing the fact that the first organism on the earth evolved in water which is called a reptile.

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Water is only a mixture of two gases but it holds as greatest significance in our life as nothing else. We use water in drinking, bathing, washing, cooking food etc. Plants need water to cook their food in the presence of sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Life on Earth started in the holy presence of water and the first organism on our planet evolved in the water. In fact, every living thing on the planet is made up of maximum content of water. That is the reason behind we say that “water is life”.

Our scientists also believe the fact that “the existence of life is directly connected to the presence of water. That is the reason they try to find water on the other planets of the universe instead of searching for living beings first. There is no other alternative to water so we need to understand the real value of water.

Paragraph On Water Is Life

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  1. The living things can’t exsit without water. Water is the basic need of living things. Human being able to live without food for some days but without water they can only survive 2-3 days.water carries the nutrients to the all cells our body and oxygen to brain. The human body needs 70% water for the survival as normal.The agricultural palnts have also need of water. The water is also used in our daily life such as cooking ,bathing. After oxygen water is the second most important element in our planet.

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