Paragraph On Bhagat Singh [100-150 Words]

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India has been a land of heroes. One of those was Shaheed Baghat Singh. He was an outstanding freedom fighter in India. he was that 3-year-old boy who thought of growing guns in the fields.

He was born on 28th September 1907 in a Sikh family in a Bangla village situated in Punjab. He sacrificed his life happily for our country’s freedom. Bhagat Singh grew up witnessing his family’s revolutionary attitude towards Britishers and their enormous efforts to drive Britishers out of the country.

Saheed Bhagat Singh was actually a true Indian. He fought for his country which has no match at all. He will always be recognized whenever the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad” will echo.

[ 150 Words Paragraph ]

Shaheed Bhagat Singh is counted as one of those personalities of India who devoted his full life for the sake of his country. This excellent and revolutionary person was born on 28th September 1907 in a Sikh family in Banga village of Punjab.

The strong desire for freedom was running day and night in his blood veins. He always inspired people to take action against the Britishers. His dream of a free India was so powerful that if his friends asked him about what he wanted to become. He always replied, “I will trash Britishers out of the country”.

To sum it up, Shaheed Bhagat Singh was an extraordinary Indian. He is one of the fighters behind the freedom we all are enjoying today. He will always be remembered and paid a salute. His life is an inspiration for all of us. His name will remain notable in Indian history and he is alive in the hearts of Indians.

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