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Essay on National Integration [With Headings]

The term “national integration” refers to the feeling of togetherness among the people of a nation irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, religion or gender. National integration plays an important role in the growth and prosperity of a nation.

Students must know that there is also a celebration called “national integration day” which is celebrated on the 19th of November every year to promote national integration. The day also marks the first female Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi birth anniversary.


Someone has correctly said that “National Integration brings energy through synergy!”. Our freedom fight is a perfect example that supports this ideology. Moreover, National integration plays a great role in the growth and development of a country. But what does it mean by national integration?

National integration refers to the feeling of oneness among the people of a nation regardless of their caste, creed, gender, colour or religion. There are various initiatives to help and sustain national integrity. National integration day is one such kind. The day is celebrated on The 19th of November every year.

The Significance!

There are various stories that explain the significance of integration and unity. Unity or Integration is a symbol of strength. Where there is unity there is growth. That is the reason national integration holds an important role in the nation to growth and prosperity sustainably.

Each person possesses a distinct strength and talent. There is a need to give each person an equal opportunity to utilize the highest amount of talent. National integration offers equal opportunity for each citizen. It also provides an equal platform in terms of social, cultural and economic development.

The Role Of Education In National Integration

National integration is a multi-dimensional concept with many interlocking elements. One of these elements is education. Education is always considered an important pillar of a country. Our education creates a positive realization among the students that they are all members of one nation.

There were many beliefs prevalent in the society that created divisions among the people. Education broadens the vision of individuals and makes them think scientifically. Hence, they do not believe in worthless beliefs with no verifications.

The Role of Youth In National Integration

The population of youth is the real strength of any nation. Way a building can not stand without a strong foundation. Similarly, a country can not live or progress without talented, skilled and dedicated youth.

If the youth are provided with the proper motivation and opportunity, then nothing can stop any country to become a superpower. Although, it is not possible without instilling a sense of national integration. In fact, the real integration of a nation lies in the integrity of youth.

The Challenges!

National integration is not a simple task but it is a complex process. It involves a lot of elements to work on. Without working on all those elements together, it is next to impossible to achieve national integration.

Some of the challenges that halt the process of national integration are casteism, communalism, Linguistic Fanaticism, Regionalism, Social Disparity, and Economic Inequalities.

We can counter these issues with education, government initiatives, and by spreading awareness through mass media such as radio, newspaper and television.


To sum it up, national integration is the need of the hour as it can define the progress of a nation. But it is not a simple task to achieve and sustain national integration. A lot of social issues interrupt the process of national integration. But there is nothing on this planet with no solution. We need a solution-oriented approach to counter problems and achieve the desired outcome.

Essay On National Integration- Introduction


  1. What are the benefits of national integration?

    National integration reduces regional, racial, religious and cultural disparities. It forces the people to work for the country together. Most noteworthy, it contributes to nation-building and development.

  2. Why youth is an important element of national integration?

    The youth of any country is the same as the foundation of a building to stand strong. The youth decide the future of a nation and it is an integral element of a country’s progress.

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