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Essay On Fashion: Fashion evolves very quickly but the word “fashion” is never outdated, it is always in fashion and a subject of gossip. In fact, it has been a profound matter for a long time and it has no expiry. People always want to look different and attractive. Hence, they chase fashion.

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It is very astonishing to see how differently our past generations dressed and pursued fashion. If you wear the style your grandfather used to wear in his childhood, you will feel awkward and people will stare at you like you are an alien. This shows that fashion is something that keeps evolving.

In contemporary times, fashion is a very serious aspect of life. It involves hairstyle, clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, physique etc. Today, your fashion becomes your identity. Your fashion can tell a lot of things about you. In fact, People can judge you based on your fashion.

Moreover, fashion is not limited to choices of clothing, hairstyle, perfumes, footwear etc, it is also about how you present yourself to society. This means your confidence level, thinking pattern, mannerisms, habits of etiquette, and hobbies also hit the list.

Gone are the days when only celebrities and royal families had access to the latest fashion. Nowadays, everyone can have the latest fashion. In fact, the young generation is very obsessed with the latest fashion. They always want to try something that makes them look different and cool.

Essay On Fashion- Short

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In ancient times, the purpose of wrapping our bodies with leaves and other materials was purely about protecting ourselves from heat and cold. When protection was ensured, we added more expectations to our clothing. In course of time, the purpose of fashion kept evolving. In the current era, fashion defines our personality.

Today, fashion is an important aspect of life just like anything else. It involves hairstyle, clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, physique etc. People keep an intense inclination towards fashion. They want to look confident and attractive which is possible by pursuing the right choice of fashion.

The advantages!

First of all, fashion makes you acceptable in society. If you don’t fit into the crowd, there are chances that you would not get into the hearts of people in society. You will it difficult to make friends or approach someone.

Second, You will get respect from each and everyone when you pursue good fashion. Fashion gives you premium attire that everyone gets attracted to. That is why everyone respects you no matter whether they know you or not.

Third, Fashion defines your identity. Yes, nowadays fashion tells a lot about a person. There is a quote that “never judge a book by its cover”. But in today’s world happens the opposite. An individual is judged by their clothing and fashion.

What Difference Does Fashion Make?

Fashion is a very very crucial element of life in the modern era. If someone asks, “Does fashion make any difference?” Well, the answer is already known to all. Yes, fashion makes difference in an individual’s life, in a society, in a culture and hence in a country.

In fact, many countries are recognised because of their unique fashion and clothing styles. If we talk about India, it is famous around the world for its unique fashion. Furthermore, fashion will help you grow if you understand its real meaning of it. Many people especially youngsters misunderstand fashion and ruin their identity.

Fashion is something that distinguishes your identity not ruin it. They follow influencers who promote expensive clothes in the name of fashion. Youngsters waste their parent’s hard-earned money under the influence of these so-called fashion influencers.

The Negatives!

Fashion comes with a lot of glories under an umbrella. But it has a lot of negatives as well. The fashion industry is continuously stretching. This is very shocking to know that the fashion industry produces a lot of waste which is growing with every passing year.

Not only this waste harms the environment but it is also a reason behind the extinction of many living beings. This waste is dumped into water bodies, landfills etc. It will create a great problem for us in the long run.


The bottom line is, fashion can not be ignored in this modern era because it plays a crucial role in our life. It makes us confident, comfy and attractive. While on the one hand, it is good for us, On the other hand, it can create big problems if we did not find any remedy for the waste produced by the fashion industry.

Essay On Fashion- Advantages


Why fashion is important?

Fashion is important because it makes us acceptable in society and we feel confident as well. Moreover, it makes our identity in our circle.

What is the definition of fashion?

Fashion is the way of presenting ourselves in society. It involves clothing, footwear, hairstyle, glasses, watches, perfume, etc. Other than this, our thought processes, confidence levels, hobbies, and mannerisms can also be included.

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