Essay on Brain Drain In English

Essay on Brain Drain

Essay on Brain Drain: When I heard the phrase “Brain Drain” for the first time, I thought it might be a disease related to a person’s brain. I was partially wrong and partially correct. Yes, Brain drain is a disease but it does not belong to a person instead it belongs to a country. Brain … Read more

Speech On Unemployment [Top 3 best]

Speech on Unemployment

Speech On Unemployment: As living beings, we need oxygen to run our bodies effortlessly. Similarly, we also need employment to run our lives properly. When we don’t have employment to fulfil our basic needs, this condition is called unemployment. Unemployment has always been a debatable topic for decades but in recent times this issue has … Read more

Essay on Childhood Memories [With Headings]

Essay on Childhood Memories

Essay on Childhood Memories: In childhood, we don’t have any memories but this is the period when we experience a lot of new events that become our childhood memories. Our experiences are the ground for memories. We experience some good and some bad events. When we recall our good experiences, we feel joy and delight. … Read more

Essay on National Integration [With Headings]

Essay On National Integration- banner

Essay on National Integration: The term “national integration” refers to the feeling of togetherness among the people of a nation irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, religion or gender. National integration plays an important role in the growth and prosperity of a nation. Integration always holds a great deal of strength. In fact, our freedom … Read more

My Childhood Memories Paragraph [Top 3 Best]

My Childhood Memories Paragraph

My Childhood Memories Paragraph: When we face the complexities of the real world after reaching adulthood, we then recall our childhood and its memories. Then we realise that childhood is the best part of our life free from rigid complexities and responsibilities. Welcome to This page will help you write childhood memories paragraphs for … Read more