Essay on English Language [Short & Long]

Essay on English Language

Essay On English And Its Importance- The English Language is globally popular. It has become a medium of international communication. This language enables the way to growth. But it does not mean that any other language is less important. First of all, it is necessary to understand that every language on the planet holds equal … Read more

Importance Of Time Management Speech [1,2,3 Minutes]

Speech on Time management

Time management refers to planning how to divide your time between specific activities. The key elements of Time Management are setting priorities, excluding non-priorities, goal setting, creating a suitable environment & developing the right habits. There are a lot of benefits of time management. It can make a person more efficient, productive, and disciplined. The … Read more

Essay On Summer Vacation In 150 Words

Summer Vacation is the fittest time to spend it differently than normal school days. It is the most suitable time to get yourself engaged in new stuff and acquire new skills. All the¬†schools and colleges become closed due to the great temperature. Also, the kids rest and relish this time as they don’t have to … Read more

Paragraph on My Life [100-200 Words]

Best paragraph on my life

Life is sometimes hard and sometimes soft. Sometimes filled with difficulties and sometimes with ease. Here below are given some paragraphs on My Life for students in 100, 150, and 200 Words. Choose the best one for you. 100 Words Paragraph Myself is Siddhant Singh, Aged 17. Like everyone else’, my life is too filled … Read more

Paragraph On Summer Season in 100 Words

Even though the summer season is difficult to tolerate, one can enjoy it to the fullest using some practices and precautions. Do observe the kids, they enjoy summers the most. Some fruits and snacks make this season more adventurous and interesting. Paragraph Example 1 The summer season is associated with hot weather, dry air and … Read more

Paragraph on Summer Season In 200 Words

Paragraph on Summer Season- banner

The summer season starts in March and lasts till June in India. This is the hottest season of the year when temperatures reach their peak. During this season, the days become long and hot, while nights become shorter. Paragraph – 200 Words The summer season reminds us of the scorching sun and hot weather. This … Read more

Summer Season Essay for students

Essay on summer season- banner

The Weather changes throughout the year bringing different seasons. The summer season is considered the hottest season of the year. Many natural activities take place in the summer season such as the evaporation of water, the melting of snow etc. In this post, we will write an essay on the summer season for students and … Read more

Essay On Summer Vacation For Students

Essay on Summer Vacation

Essay On Summer Vacation- A break is an essential part of any work. As a break, Summer vacation is the most awaited event in every student’s life. After the long term of the last class, students get a relieving time for their physical and mental health. Summer Vacation is a time for students that fetch … Read more