Best Speech On Pollution [Top 4]

Speech on environmental pollution

Speech on Pollution- Pollution is a big concern that is injuring our planet earth. It is a result of human activities which are worsening the environment. Below are given some speeches on pollution in 100, 150, 200, 250 Words.

Essay On Fashion | Fashion Essay

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Essay On Fashion: Fashion evolves very quickly but the word “fashion” is never outdated, it is always in fashion and a subject of gossip. In fact, it has been a profound matter for a long time and it has no expiry. People always want to look different and attractive. Hence, they chase fashion. Welcome to … Read more

Best Paragraphs On Pollution [Top 4]

Paragraphs on pollution

Paragraphs on Pollution- Normal human activity is worse for nature than the greatest nuclear accident in history. Pollution is a result of human activities which are worsening the environment. Pollution is impacting the quality of air, water and soil.

Essay on Population Explosion In English

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Essay on Population Explosion: Population explosion refers to the rapid increase in the population of an area. For a developing country, it is a great problem to deal with this problem and meet the demands of the population at a given time. For any country, its population can be an asset but when the population … Read more

Essay on Brain Drain In English

Essay on Brain Drain

Essay on Brain Drain: When I heard the phrase “Brain Drain” for the first time, I thought it might be a disease related to a person’s brain. I was partially wrong and partially correct. Yes, Brain drain is a disease but it does not belong to a person instead it belongs to a country. Brain … Read more

Best Essay On The Cow [With headings]

Essay on Cow

Essay On The Cow– A cow is a domestic animal. The cow gives us milk, which is considered a complete, wholesome and perfect food. From ancient times, Cow’s milk is one of the most significant food items that provide us with a healthy life. The animal cow has been helping us for thousands of years … Read more

Essay On My Mother [With Headings]

Essay on my mother

Essay on My Mother– In philosophy, it is said that when God found it difficult to protect the whole world, he made mothers. Mothers are a priceless gift from God for each living being. They are the base of life on the planet and the source of continuation of life on earth. A mother understands … Read more

Essay On Women Empowerment [With Headings]

Essay on Women empowerment

Essay on Women Empowerment – Supporting women’s rights is our responsibility. They are also human beings. If their body functions and mental capabilities are similar to men’s, then why are they treated unequally and deprived of their rightful place in society? Women empowerment is the process to grant women their true rights. An Empowered Woman … Read more