Paragraph on Wonder of Science

Wonders of Science: 200 Words Paragraph

From the invention of the first wheel to the invention of the internet, everything has brought unusual value to humanity. Every wonder of science has provided us with immeasurable comfort.

There is no doubt that electricity is the biggest invention of science. It serves us in hundreds of ways in houses, factories, mills and more. Science is nothing but the efficient use of the laws of this universe.

Over time new techniques developed and made human life easier and easier. From growing efficient crops to transporting them, from finding causes of a disease to treating it, everything is made possible with the help of science.

Science has both productive and destructive potential. Hence, it must be correctly used for the bigger benefit of mankind. We need to ensure the clever use of these scientific devices in order to save the earth from the harmful side of science. Science is a wonderful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.

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