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200 Words Paragraph On Winter Season

Winter season is one of the four seasons in India. In this season, people prefer to remain indoors. The roads look almost silent and deserted. Sometimes, the sun does not appear for many consequent days. Moreover, everything looks blurred under the sky due to dense fog.

Indian climate offers the country four different seasons. The Winter season is the cold season that starts in December and lasts until March. December and January are the most chill months of the year. During these months, it is quite challenging to survive without having warm clothes, blankets and quilts.

The chilly mornings give us a unique experience. Hot drinks like tea, coffee and hot chocolate are relished more during winter. The sun rises relatively late and sometimes does not appear for many days. Even when it appears, it attracts people because of providing warmth.

In hilly areas, roads usually get blocked by snow. They have to excavate it out of the way to make way for the commute. The essence of winter is enriched by Christmas as well. It sets the vacation mood for people and is admired worldwide.

People like the winter season because they like freshness, they get a chance for long morning walks and relish fresh vegetables and fruits. The winter season may be fun for many and challenging for others. But different seasons indeed allow us to witness another side of nature.

Paragraph On Winter Season- 100 words

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