Essay on School Picnic [100, 150, 200 Words]

Essay on School Picnic

Essay on School Picnic: A school picnic is an event in between the studies that put students and teachers in a joy that is not possible in the classroom. Students love going to school picnics because they do a lot of fun there. The word “Picnic” fills everyone with great enthusiasm and joy. Students get … Read more

Paragraph on Hostel Life [100, 150 words]

Paragraph on Hostel Life

Paragraph on Hostel Life: Nowadays, most schools and colleges have hostels attached to them. Hostels are designed to provide the best environment for students to concentrate well on their studies. The caretaker of a hostel is called the warden. The nature of a warden seems quite harsh. Different hostels have their own different rules for … Read more

Speech About Life of A Student | Student Life Speech

Speech About Life of A Student

Speech About Life of A Student: Student life is all about studying and learning different subjects and skills that ensure a good future. From morning to night, a student’s life has a busy schedule but this schedule is quite interesting as it also comprises sports, games, hobbies, fun and joy. One’s Student life starts from … Read more

Paragraph on Student Life [100, 150, 200 Words]

Paragraph On Student Life

Paragraph on Student Life: Student life begins when we take admissions in schools. There, we start studying different subjects, books and moral values. With time we also learn many skills, talents and life skills. Student life holds as crucial importance for a student as the foundation for a building. For that reason, a student must … Read more

Essay On Student Life | Student Life Essay

Essay on Student Life

Essay On Student Life: “Student life is the best life”. You might have listened to this line many times but how much truth lies in this statement varies from person to person. As human beings, we have to live our lives in many sections and perceive different experiences. Student life is one part of life … Read more

Paragraph on My Favourite Subject [Math/English/Science]

Paragraph On My Favourite Subject

Paragraph on My Favourite Subject: There are many subjects taught in the schools. Each student has to study a set of subjects necessarily. Of this set of subjects, students also have a favourite subject which they love to study. That subject is called favourite subject. Welcome to This page will help students write a … Read more

Essay on My Favourite Subject For Students

Essay on my favourite subject

Essay on My Favourite Subject: Studies don’t sound interesting to students but their favourite subject can fill this gap. There are very few students who master all the subjects. But each student has a favourite subject in which he or she can perform extraordinarily. When we start our schooling, there are many subjects to study … Read more