Essay on My Favourite Subject For Students

Essay on my favourite subject

Essay on My Favourite Subject: Studies don’t sound interesting to students but their favourite subject can fill this gap. There are very few students who master all the subjects. But each student has a favourite subject in which he or she can perform extraordinarily. When we start our schooling, there are many subjects to study … Read more

Paragraph on Book Fair [100, 150, 250 Words]

Paragraph on Book Fair

Paragraph on Book Fair: A book fair is an exhibition of books where various books and novels are sold and purchased. Book lovers and authors from different places come here for their own purposes. The book fair is a popular trend and is conducted every year. A book fair is organised by authors. They showcase … Read more

Paragraph On My Favourite Book [Top 5 Books]

Paragraph On My Favourite Book

Paragraph On My Favourite Book: Books are called the deep ocean of information, knowledge and experiences. There are millions of books in the world. Some books provide us with information and knowledge while others offer us fantastic entertainment. Information and Entertainment play a crucial role in human society. If we club these terms, derives Infotainment … Read more

Speech on Online Classes for Students

Speech on Online Classes

Speech on Online Classes: Welcome and good morning honourable principal, respected teachers and loved friends. Today, I am here to deliver a speech on Online Classes. Before starting my speech I want to thank you all for having your holy presence. If we compare the current world with a thousand-years past world, What difference do … Read more

Paragraph on Online Classes [100, 150 words]

Paragraph On Online Classes

Paragraph on Online Classes: Everything has changed its initial form. The speedy pace of change has also influenced the methodology of education by changing its nature. No, it is not completely changed but a new way of delivering education came into existence. This new method of teaching and learning works as a bridge between a … Read more

Best Essay On Online Classes [With Headings]

Essay on Online Classes

Essay On Online Classes: Change is the law of the universe. Everything is changing. Similarly, the methods of teaching have also been changing for a long time. With the evolution in technology, we have uncovered a new method of teaching called online classes or online education. This method of catering education has a lot of … Read more

Best Speech on Cruelty Towards Animals

Speech on Cruelty Towards Animals- banner

Speech on Cruelty Towards Animals: For the sake of meeting its greed, human beings have become cruel towards animals. We have forgotten that Nature is not privileging human beings but it also treats other animals equally important. There is nothing without a purpose on this planet. So, animals also play an important role in executing … Read more