2 Minute Speech On Climate Change

Most Reputable teachers and principle and loved friends. first of all, I want to wish you all the best wishes for the day. Also, I am here today to deliver a speech on climate change– an alarming threat to life on Earth.

Extreme temperatures, floods, hurricanes, storms, forest fires and melting ice. These are the headlines that come to our minds when we hear or think about “climate change”. We have only one planet to live on, at least for the present. So, We don’t have an option but to reverse the conditions.

Now the questions arise, “What can we do to prevent climate change?”. To get an answer to this question we need to brainstorm over, “What causes climate change?” and “Can we eliminate those causes?”. And each one of these questions can’t be fit into one line.

Although there are various reasons for climate change, human activities like fossil fuel burning, deforestation, greenhouse gas emission, pollution, etc. are majorly accounted for it. If the conditions do not change, humanity will have to pay a heavy price. In future, natural disasters will occur frequently, sea levels will rise, monsoon patterns will change etc.

It is not too late, we can undo the damages that have been caused by climate change. Plus, Only human activities can make sure that life exists on Earth in future because those are dominantly responsible for climate change. Nature has a simple rule- “Give protection, take protection”.

I will stop here. I hope you liked my speech. Thank you!

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