1 Minute Speech On Climate Change

Good Morning and welcome to all people present here. Today, I am here to speak a few words about Climate Change. Before heading ahead towards my speech I want to thank you for having me this chance.

We, humans, do a lot of activities to run our lives. Knowingly or unknowingly we also perform many activities that make our lives easier but cause harm to the environment on which our life depends. In the long term, it causes climate change which is the reason for frequent natural disasters, rises in sea levels, and transformation of monsoon patterns.

So, there is a need to make each and everyone aware of those activities so that we can control this problematic situation. Those activities are fossil fuel burning, deforestation, greenhouse gas emission, pollution, etc. These activities need to be controlled so that we can see life on Earth in the future.

Thank you! I hope you like my words.

Speech On Climate Change- 1 Minute

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