100 Words Paragraph On Information Technology

Information Technology has made the life of the common man easier. The long-distance meeting was a very complex task in the past but today it has become as easy as switching on T.V. Apart from this. this technology has simplified various complexities of office and organisational work.

Today, we can not imagine a day without using technology. In fact, we all are surrounded by numerous technologies. Information Technology is one of them. A.TM. Cards, Adhar cards, Smart cards, UPI, FasTag etc. are the latest technologies of Information Technology. It is obvious that Information Technology offers us manyfold benefits but data privacy is always at stake. So, careful use of it is always concerning.

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Information Technology refers to the use of electronic gadgets like computers, smartphones and tablets to send, receive and store information. It has transformed the way of living of the whole of humanity. Thanks to I.T. (Information Technology) which has made information available to everyone.

With the help of Information Technology, today anyone can gain knowledge almost of each type from various sources. Information Technology has not only transformed the lives of normal people but also has assisted offices and organisations.

Earlier, offices were piled with a bunch of files and finding some specific data was way difficult because of the messy way of storing data. But this technology has also some downsides. So it is necessary to use it intelligently.


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