10 lines On Mother for kids

  1. A mother is a combination of Love, devotion, and Affection.
  2. She is a form of God because she loves us like God.
  3. Every living being in the world can experience a mother’s love.
  4. Her love is unique and incomparable.
  5. It is next to impossible to find a person who loves you like your mother.
  1. A mother takes care of her child with great love.
  2. She teaches her children good habits and manners.
  3. She trains us on how to walk, talk, and take care of ourselves.
  4. A mother is always concerned about their child and family.
  5. She always identifies every small and big need of ours.
  6. She wakes us up and makes us ready for school.
  1. I love to eat tasty dishes cooked by my mother.
  2. Her motivation is the most powerful in the world.
  3. A mother is not apart from the child, she is part of her child.
  4. She always inspires us to go forward in life.
  5. I love my mom very much and she does too.
  6. I pray to God to keep her healthy and safe.

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