Short Paragraph On Online Shopping [ 100-300 Words]

As human beings, we have many small and big needs. Initially, we used to go to shops and markets to buy them so that we can satisfy our needs. This was the only medium but today we have two methods of shopping, traditional shopping and online shopping.

Now a question arises, which one is better between two? Well, answering this question requires a lot of brainstorming. Both shopping methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. Hence, we can not say which one of them is good or bad. One may work for someone while may not work for another.

Online shopping is a method of buying products using the Internet. We just need a smartphone or computer to place an order. Online shopping gives you the freedom of shopping from the comfort of your home. Apart from this, you can shop 24X7 which is not possible in traditional shopping.

One of the best things about online shopping is you can choose your product among thousands of variations and styles. After you place an order, you get it within the week. Most noteworthy, many online stores offer same-day delivery to their premium customers.

Even if online shopping is convenient and hassle-free, there are many drawbacks to it. First, you can not feel the product at the time of shopping. Second, sometimes the product is different from the one displayed in the online store. Third, sometimes you get the wrong product or a damaged one.

Fourth, replacing the product will drive you nuts as it is a time taking process. It is quite frustrating when you do not get the product at the desired time. To sum it up, online shopping is a good method of shopping but we can not declare it the best one due to the flaws tied to it.

Short Essay On Online Shopping

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