English Paragraph on Diwali | 3 Examples

Paragraph on Diwali

Paragraph On Diwali- Diwali or Deepawali is also known as “The Festival Of Lights”. It is one of the biggest festivals in India. People celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Each year, kids eagerly wait for this festival. Diwali holds a great place in the hearts of Indians. This is why it is a topic … Read more

The Best Paragraph on My Life [In English]

Best paragraph on my life

Paragraph on My life– Life is sometimes hard and sometimes soft. Sometimes filled with difficulties and sometimes with ease. Here below are given some paragraphs on My life for students in 100, 150, and 200 Words. Choose the best one for you. Welcome to Thenextskill.Com. This site is intended to help students write short and … Read more

Paragraph On Mahatma Gandhi [Top 3 Best]

Mahatma Gandhi- banner

Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi-Mahatma Gandhi, also known as “Bapu” and “the father of the nation“, is a name counted as one of the Greatest Indian figures and freedom fighters. He always fought against the evil spread in society. Indians recognise him very well for his extraordinary accomplishments. On the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti, there are … Read more

Paragraph On Friendship [Top 3 Best]

Paragraph On Friendship: Friendship is the most transparent and sacred relationship among all the other relations. Our Friends are the joy of life. We live our life with manyfold enjoyment when we are with our friends. But finding good friends who are loving, caring, honest, helpful, and loyal, is rare. Friendship is vital for the … Read more

Paragraph on Women’s Empowerment [Top 3 Best]

Paragraph On Women Empowerment

Paragraph On Women’s Empowerment– If we see at history, we will find that women have set an example in various fields. But if we perceive the present conditions, we will realise that women have several limitations on them. Women empowerment is the method of getting them out of these limitations. This is a sad truth that women … Read more