Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Did you ever travel by train? Probably you did. I travel a lot by train because it is the most affordable mode of transport for those who have to travel daily. I want to share a journey experience on a train. Since I am a student who has to travel a long distance to reach my school. I use to go by train.

When you enter a train, you may see a lot of people in which you find milkmen, farmers, labourers, office workers, students and families. Farmers travel to sell vegetables grown in their fields, and milkmen supply pure milk to societies of any city. And all the people travel together on a train without thinking about colour, creed or caste.

You will see mobile shops. I am not talking about smartphone shops but movable shops. These shops offer tea, snacks, newspapers, magazines, toys, and a lot of unique things. Some of these vendors are very humorous and their slogans and gestures will make you happy.

If I talk about looking outside the train, you will see plain fields, trees, houses, roads and much more while the train runs on its track. If you get a window seat, you can experience a cold natural breeze on your face. An Air Conditioner can never provide this experience because natural things hold much more value than that man-made things.

If someone has never experienced a journey by train, he is missing one of the best experiences of life. “Unity in diversity“- this line represents our country India. And this unity can be witnessed inside a train.

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