My Village Paragraph for students

My Village Paragraph: Our country can be classified into two sections. Urban area and rural area. 70% of the population of India lives in villages also known as rural areas. The rural part is the backbone of the country because villages supply food to the entire population of India.

It also plays a significant role in maintaining the ecological balance of the environment. Villages are mainly covered with trees and plants. They are coated with green grasslands. One can see huge fields as far as the eyes could see. They also provide shelters to many animals. 

Here below are given two short paragraphs on my village for students and children. These paragraphs are well written in very simple and understandable language. Students can make changes according to their needs. Go here if you want to read an essay on my village.

My Village Paragraph | 100 Words

I live in Gaura Village. It is situated 30 km away from the city Lucknow. My village’s population is under 2000. Most of the houses in my village are made from mud. Most of the people in my village are farmers and also they keep cows, buffaloes, goats, and hens in their homes.

I like my village very much because of its peaceful environment. I can concentrate on my studies in this environment. Apart from this, my village is surrounded by trees, plants, green fields, gardens, animals and birds etc. which does not let me feel bored. My neighbours are very generous and kind. They help us in every need of us.

My Village Paragraph | 150 Words

My village’s name is Mohanpur. I like to spend time in my village whenever I come back from the city where I shifted for my studies. My village gives me the pleasure that cities can not. In a village there is no pollution, you can breathe the purest form of oxygen. This is why villagers suffer fewer diseases compared to ones who live in cities.

My village is full of natural scenes. Greenfields make me mesmerised. When I see farmers working in their fields, I am proud of myself being a villager because farmers are the ones who fulfil the stomach of the entire country. Moreover, India exports many crops to the world.

In addition, I get an opportunity to pluck the fruits from the trees and eat them fresh. This experience is not available in cities. Apart from this, there are a lot of other adventurous activities to enjoy like pumping out the water from handpumps and bathing under the borewell installed in the fields.

My Village Paragraph | 200 Words

I live in a village named Kashiganj. This village is situated in the centre of Madhya Pradesh. I belong to a farmer’s family. My father and I go to our fields to sow the seeds of crops and when the crops are riped, we again go to harvest the crop.

I have been living here since my birth but I also lived in a city for a couple of years. If someone asks me the best place to live, I will reply- It is a village. Because in the villages you can get everything of your need in the purest form. For Example; pollution-free air, fresh water derived from the ground, fresh fruits direct plucked from the trees and organic food.

Apart from the basic needs, villages offer you some experiences that cities don’t. You can get pluck the fruits directly from the trees to relish their true taste. Apart from this, you can enjoy pumping out the water from handpumps, pulling out the buckets from wells, and bathing under the borewell installed in the fields.

Moreover, villagers will never let you feel lonely because they believe in living with brotherhood. They use to help each other. Moral values hold a specific place in the village. Villagers strongly believe in God, prayers, and rituals. They do not hurt anyone whether it is a human being, an animal, a bird or any other living being.

My Village Paragraph- 100 Words

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