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Essay on APJ Abdul Kalam In 500 words

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, popularly known as the ‘Missile Man of India’, was a source of inspiration for tens and thousands of Indians. he has been the 11th president of India and served the country politically.

Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is also known as the missile man of India because of his great contribution to Indian missile development Research. He assisted in the development of Agni and Prithvi missiles.

Long Essay On APJ Abdul Kalam | 500 words


India is fortunate enough to have a great personality like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He was a true patriot. Everything was done by him whatever was required for the progress and upliftment in the field of technology. His contributions to India are incomparable. He served the country as a scientist and as a president. Most notably, Abdul Kalam is the most loved president by Indians.

He worked in DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organisation ) and ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation ) Where he helped in the development of Agni and Prithvi missiles. After the successful launch of these missiles, Abdul Kalam was named “The Missile Man of India”.

A short biography

Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, full name Dr Avul Pakija Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, Was an Indian scientist. He was born on 15 October 1931 at Rameswaram in Madras Presidency. This place is now in Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu. His father Jainulabdeen was a boat owner and imam (An Islamic leader) of a neighbourhood mosque. He was the youngest of five siblings.

Abdul Kalam was an ordinary student in school but his learning approach was excellent. He used to pay hours studying. His most loved subject was mathematics. After finishing his school education, he graduated in physics. In 1955 Abdul Kalam moved to the Madras Institute of Technology to study Aerospace Engineering.

The professional life of Abdul Kalam

He always aspired of flying in the sky. He wanted to become a pilot. Abdul Kalam missed reaching his goal by an inch. He was the ninth qualifier for IAF (Indian Air Force) and only eight positions were available. But this failure proved to be a victory for the whole country.

After that, Abdul Kalam entered DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organisation ) as a scientist. He was then assigned to ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation ) Where he operated on SLVs ( Sattelite Launch Vehicles) and stationed satellites near Earth. He brought India to the heights of the sky.

The political life of Abdul Kalam

The renowned missile man becomes the 11th President of India in the year 2002. He served the nation with an open heart which is the reason he was called ‘people’s president. But at the end of his term, Abdul Kalam was not happy with his work that’s why he aspired to be the President a second time.

His contributions and achievements

There is an incalculable contribution of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam to the country. But his greatest contribution is the development of missiles Agni and Prithvi. Also, he was a member of the Pokhran nuclear test conducted in 1998.

In his lifetime, Abdul Kalam won not only national awards but also bestowed many international awards. He was a fusion of simplicity and integrity. He was so involved at work that he rises early in the morning and worked till late times after midnight. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam penned several books during his lifetime, but his most renowned book was ‘India 2020’, which has an action plan to make India a superpower.

The death

India’s great missile man took his last breath on 27th July 2015 while delivering a lecture to students in an institute at Shillong in Meghalaya. That was the day when India lost a great patriot in the form of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Final Words ( Conclusion )

To sum it up, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was an exceptional scientist and a great engineer who devoted his entire life to serving the nation and died while serving it. The man had the imagination to obtain India a fabulous country. He is an immense inspiration for the youth of the country.

Essay on APJ Abdul Kalam | Conclusion


  1. Why Abdul Kalam is known as The missile man of India?

    APJ Abdul Kalam is the man behind India’s success in launching missiles. He is frequently introduced as the Missile Man of India due to his contribution to formulating ballistic missiles and launch vehicle technologies.

  2. What is the full name of APJ Abdul Kalam?

    His full name is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. Very few people know him by this name.

  3. Where and when was Apj Abdul Kalam born?

    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, also known as the missile man of India was born on 15 October 1931 at Rameswaram in Madras presidency now Tamilnadu State.

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