2 Minute Speech on Creativity

First of all, good morning to the honourable principal, respected teachers and loving friends and all of you gathered here. In your special presence, I would like to say a few words about Creativity.

The world is changing at a fast pace. From the past to the present, we can witness a huge difference in almost every aspect of life be it food, education, fashion etc. Each day something new is introduced. This is just because of the creativity involved.

Creativity is nothing but an ability to create something different using existing knowledge and resources. For example; we used to use luggage bags to carry our luggage. At the same time, we also used wheels for moving an object from place A to B. Someone used his imagination and…..What?

He used his creativity and attached tiny wheels under the luggage bag. This helped us carry our luggage without bearing a heavy load. In a similar way, we can also find ways to create something new that never existed in the past.

What did you notice in the previous example I presented? Well, let me tell you. The one who invented the wheel-based luggage bag was a little bit lazy. It means laziness can help us be creative. What do you think? According to Bill Gates, a lazy man finds an easy way to do a hard thing.

He once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” In my opinion, it can be helpful but it is not necessary. If you have a good presence of mind, you can also be a creative person.

If one really wants to develop creativity skills. First of all, he must gather a lot of knowledge because it is an integral part of creativity. Second, he should develop a habit of doing things in a different manner. Third, experiments help in creating something new and hence he should keep experimenting with things.

To sum it up, today we have a variety of food items, clothing, furniture, education methods, communication methods etc. All this variety is a result of creativity. It helps us work smartly. Without creativity our life becomes boring. This is why creativity is an essential element to sustain the fun element in life.

This is all I wanted to share with you! I hope you like my words. Thank You!

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