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A school picnic is an event in between the studies that put students and teachers in a joy that is not possible in the classroom. Students love going to school picnics because they do a lot of fun there.

The word “Picnic” fills everyone with great enthusiasm and joy. Students get free from doing studies and completing assignments. Schools plan to bring their students to a picnic each year. This event works as a break from heavy studies and discipline.

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100 Words Paragraph

A school picnic involves sports, games, eating, drinking, jokes, stories, fun, friendship and joy. It is an event when students get a chance to have a break from heavy studies and enjoy the day the way they want. Although there are many rules to be followed during a picnic session these rules are necessary for safety purposes.

Teachers bring students to the picnic destination after explaining the schedule. Students do multiple activities under the supervision of teachers. Teachers and students eat together, drink together, play together and talk together. This event brings students closer to their teachers.

150 Words paragraph

“School picnic” the word itself defines that it is an event picnic arranged by the school. First of all, schools plan to bring their students to a picnic and inform about the same to their students. Moreover, they also explain the rules and regulations that need to be obeyed during the school picnic.

Students plan activities to do during this picnic. They arrange essentials and other materials such as tiffin, drinks, mat, sports equipment, etc. A bus comes and all the students and teachers board the bus to get to the picnic destination.

Teachers and students become friends on this occasion. They play together, eat together, talk together and enjoy other activities together. In this way, students and teachers get a chance to know each other well. That is why a school picnic is necessary to bridge the gap between students and teachers.

200 Words paragraph

It was a normal school day when my class teacher informs the students about a picnic event. Listening to this, each student slipped into the dreams of having lots of fun during this picnic. I was also filled with joy and planned my personal schedule of this event. It was the next day when we had to go to the picnic.

The teacher informed us about the material we had to bring to a picnic. He also told us the rules that we need to follow during the picnic. The next morning we all were present with the material such as bats, balls, rackets, lunch boxes, fruits, snacks, mats, tents etc.

All the students and teachers board the bus to go to blue world park. After thirty minutes, we reach there. Our teacher showed us a safe place to sit. Some students sat under the tent and some sat under the shadow of a tree. After that, we had some fruit and snacks.

Then our teacher brought us for a walk around the park to witness the beauty of that park. After that, we played games with friends. Our teachers also played with us. Being tired and hungry, we returned back to the sitting place where we had our lunch. During lunch, my friends cracked some funny jokes.

We just realised that the day is over and our enthusiasm too. Then we boarded the bus again to return. We arrived back at the school. This event is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

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