10 Lines On My Birthday Party For Class 1
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10 Lines on My Birthday Party for class 1

10 lines on my birthday party for class 1: A birthday party is one of the most awaited events for someone, especially for kids. It fulfils them with a lot of joy and enjoyment.

10+ Lines On My birthday Party for class 1

  1. My name is Ankur Gupta and I am 4 years old.
  2. 9th of March is my birth date.
  3. I celebrate this day with my friends and parents.
  4. I cut the cake at night on this day.
  5. Everyone wishes me my birthday.
  1. I get a lot of surprises and gifts from my friends and family.
  2. My mother prepares a lot of dishes of my choice.
  3. My father buys me a special birthday dress.
  4. My Friends and I dance after cutting the cake.
  5. My room is decorated with balloons and lighting.
  1. First, my mom lights up candles on the cake.
  2. Then she gives me a knife to cut the cake.
  3. I blow out candles before cutting the cake.
  4. When I cut the cake, my friends burst the balloons.
  5. I feel very blessed to have all these people in my life.

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