10 lines on My school for class 5

If any student is asked to write 10 Lines on my school for class 5. He can write a long piece of text in a very short term because Everyone is very emotional with his school life. Here below are given 2 sets of 10 lines on this topic.

You can take an idea of writing 10 lines on my school for class 5. So, let’s get started.

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Set 1- 10 lines on My school for class 5

  1. A school is a place where our future is designed.
  2. My school is one of the famous schools in my city.
  3. My school’s name is B.G. Public school.
  4. The building is very impressive and large.
  5. It is situated in the heart of town.
  1. There is a huge auditorium for doing prayer.
  2. It has a large playground where I play with my classmates.
  3. It has thirty-six large classrooms with white, black, and green boards.
  4. We also have a lawn and garden there.
  5. The teachers of my school are very kind and caring to all students.

Set 2- 10 lines on My school for class 5

  1. My name is Rahul Sahoo, a student of Bal Guide Inter-School.
  2. It is one of the most reputed schools in my town.
  3. My school has a huge and beautiful building in which there are 36 classrooms.
  4. The school building is painted in red and white colour.
  5. There is a big playground in my school in which I play with my classmates.
  1. The principal of my school is a very humorous and polite person.
  2. All the 45 Teachers of my school are well educated and qualified.
  3. Mr Abhinav Varma is my favourite teacher and he teaches me mathematics.
  4. My school also has a big library with a large number of books.
  5. The school canteen is my favourite place in school as I am big foody.

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