10 Lines on my birthday party for class 3
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10 Lines on My Birthday Party for class 3

10 Lines on My Birthday Party for class 3: A birthday is the most loved day of life for a kid. This day fulfils them with a lot of joy and excitement.

Here given below are a few lines on my birthday party for class 3 kids. This will help them write a text about their birthday party.

More Than 10 Lines On My birthday Party for class 3

  1. My name is Aman Singh and I am 6 years old.
  2. I celebrate my birthday on 15th October.
  3. I invite all my friends to my birthday party.
  4. My room is decorated with lots of balloons and designs.
  5. My father buys me a new birthday dress.
  1. My mother prepares dishes of my choice.
  2. Everyone wishes me my birthday from morning to night.
  3. At night, A birthday cake is brought for me.
  4. A lot of candles are lit on the cake.
  5. Then I blow out all the candles and cut the cake.
  1. When I cut the cake, my friends burst all the balloons.
  2. And they sing the “happy birthday to you” song for me.
  3. After they give me gifts and surprises.
  4. We all then dance to Bollywood songs.
  5. I feel very thankful to God for having all these people in my life.

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