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5 In-Demand Skills to Work as a Foreign Language Teacher

If you want to work as a foreign language teacher, you must know the in-demand skills for a foreign language teacher before starting teaching. Since the world has become a global village, foreign language learning and teaching have become more crucial for all those seeking professional excellence.

According to Career Coach Sydney, teaching a foreign language is essential for preparing individuals for the future and has given rise to a career in foreign language teaching. Besides being the highest-paid job, it also allows you to interact with people from different countries and enhances your exposure.

If you are looking for a job as a foreign language teacher, here are the skills you should be acquiring other than having command over the language:

5 In-Demand Skills to Work as a Foreign Language Teacher

1. You Must Know To Teach:

Having knowledge is another thing and being able to impart it to others is a whole different debate. Knowing a language does not mean that you can teach it to someone. You need to know how you can teach someone who knows nothing about it.

For example, if you are teaching English, courses like TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) are required on your resume. Similarly, look for other courses to help you learn how to start from the basics to the advanced level and teach language to non-natives.

In short, having knowledge of a subject and teaching the subject are two different metiers. You must know how to teach well first.

2. Effective Listening Skills:

Remember, you will interact with people with little to no knowledge of the language. It will be hard to make them understand even the basics if you are taking a beginner class. You need to work on your listening skills to understand your student’s queries.

Make sure you can cope with various accents and understand the meaning even if sentence structures are not right. Your listening will significantly make the learning process easier and more effective for the students.

3. Effective Communication:

Communication forms the basis of effective teaching. Consider yourself a successful teacher if you know how to communicate with your students individually. Other than being fluent in the language you are teaching, you must be able to make your sessions effective through meaningful communication.

Make sure to know various ways of teaching one particular thing because the language barrier in foreign learning classes often makes it difficult for the students to grasp the concepts right away. You should be able to convey the information most easily and understandably to help your students learn faster.

4. Easily Accessible:

Language learning classes are not like the typical school classroom, where you have to maintain a formidable persona to maintain the decorum of your course. You usually have to deal with grownups and professionals at that level, and to help them learn a new language; you should be easily accessible.

Foreign language teaching class

Your willingness to help, patience, and acceptance of the mistakes your students are likely to make will let you transform into an experienced individual, thus, making your resume more impressive with the remarkable outcomes of your class. Building a professional relationship with your students accelerates the learning process.

5. Management Skills:

Being a foreign language teacher requires you to have excellent management skills. You must be able to design an effective teaching strategy according to your student’s progress. Your lesson plan should sync with the course’s timeline to reach the goals of your foreign language class.

Moreover, as a teacher, you should be able to keep track of all your student’s learning progress and hold them accountable. Learning and teaching a language is a wholesome experience, but it can be overwhelming for both the teacher and the students. Make sure to keep your composure and treat your students with patience.


The better your students do in the language learning class, the more impressive your resume will become. Their success will define yours!

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