Speech On Dance [1 to 3 Minutes]

Dance is an inseparable element of human society. Not only does it help us to express happiness but it also offers health benefits. In this article, we shared a speech on dance in an easy-to-understand English language. Welcome To TheNextSkill.com. Let’s start.

Short Speech On Dance

Hello everyone, before I deliver my speech I would like to wish you all the best wishes & I also want to thank you a lot for giving me a chance to share my views on the topic of Dance.

Dance is a great activity in human life. Some people like performing a dance while others enjoy seeing other people dancing. The advent of dance was driven by the feeling of expression of happiness. Today, it has its own territory and industry.

If we observe closely, we can see dance in each and everything around us. From huge celestial bodies such as stars and planets to the tinier element of atoms such as electrons, protons are dancing. In short, the universe functions in accordance with dance.

The dance in our society keeps evolving. Today, we have a huge number of dance forms to learn and enjoy. Each continent of the world has a specific dance form. Furthermore, we can see many different dance forms within a country like India, where a diverse population lives.

Dance is an inseparable element of human society. It is called the hidden language of the soul. When we don’t have words to express our good feelings, dance helps us. Not only does it help us to express happiness but it also offers health benefits.

It acts like a physical activity which helps us strengthen our muscles and improves our emotional health. It also relieves stress. Despite being so many benefits many people don’t want to be exposed to it. In contrast, many people are enrolling in dance classes.

I highly recommend learning dance. It will fill your life with colours and excitement. There is nothing to worry about. Join a dance class in your free time, you will be surprised to see the difference in your life.

To sum it up, just like the dance of electrons, protons and neutrons bind them together, it also binds human beings together. If you have not tried dancing at least once in your life, you are missing a great experience of life. So, start dancing without giving a thought of being correct or incorrect.

Thank you for listening to my speech. Keep dancing, keep enjoying.

short speech on dance

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