Speech On Appreciation Of Employees [Great Example]

Appreciation is an act of telling someone about his talents. It acts as motivation for people. In fact, appreciation is much more powerful than motivation. In this article, we will see how we can appreciate a team of employees by delivering a speech.

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3 Minute Speech On Appreciation Of Employees

Welcome, all of you present here. In the special presence of you all, I want to say a few words dedicated to our entire team. It is a pleasure for me to express my gratitude.

A business requires many talents to be executed professionally. Thank you to all the team members of our business. You proved your talents. I am grateful to have team members like you who helped the company maintain profitability despite facing ups and downs throughout the year.

I want to thank the marketing division for helping the company build positive recognition in the world. I know my team very well. They will have to go beyond their capabilities to achieve this milestone. They left no stone unturned to make this happen.

Thank you! research and development division. You did excellent work by developing the latest product which hit the market and the demand keeps growing. I appreciate your creative thinking which is always two steps ahead of competitors in the market.

Thank you sales department. I know you felt so tired this year due to the bombarding of customer satisfaction issues. But you managed to increase customer satisfaction. I studied customer reviews that explain how intensively you worked for the company’s growth.

Thank you the legal team for correcting and ensuring the decisions the company made. Your decisions paved the way for the company towards progress. You helped the organisation understand the legislative and regulatory implications of its new projects, products, services and expansion plans.

Thank you finance department. You helped the company where it is currently standing. You executed the budgeting very well which impacted the balance sheet positively. The company is witnessing the fulfilment of its financial goals.

With the intense efforts of each and every employee of this company, we have achieved a new high in the industry. The more I appreciate all of you, the less it will be. Thank you everyone for being a unique part of our mission.

Appreciation Of Employees- 3 minute Speech

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