Save Water Save Life Paragraph

150 Words Paragraph on Save Water Save Life

Our planet Earth has an abundance of water but only 0.3% is attainable and fresh. The rest of the water resides in oceans referred to as salinated water (water containing salt). The process of desalination of water is too expensive and requires lots of resources.

But we don’t realise the real value of freshwater while we waste it as if it is unlimited. Yes, it is free in many countries but it does not mean it has no value. There is a need to spread awareness about water scarcity and the importance of saving water.

First of all, everyone must be aware of water-saving. This must be assured that the water tap or the showerhead is not left open while not in use. You can use buckets in place of showers. Call the plumber if there is any leak in the water supply structure. Use the full capacity of the washing machine to save water. Educate the younger ones of the family to save water.

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