8 Outstanding Ways To Start A Speech [Public Speaking Tips]

Opening a speech that your audience tune in with is an extraordinary skill that not everyone is blessed with. Here we will discuss a few public speaking tips that will make your speech memorable and unique.

You might have listened to this line multiple times:-“the first impression is the last impression”. The same goes for public speaking. If you know how to open a speech, you will rule the stage and your message will effectively get across.

Here below are listed some effective speech opening strategies of virtual presentation:

1. Start With a Quote

Quotes are the best speech openers. Quotes are engaging and attention-grabbing. When you say a quote related to the topic, it will explain to the audience the message you are going to deliver. You can find thousands of quotes on the internet related to your speech.

It will be better to pick the latest one as it will increase the chances that the minimum number of people had heard or read it earlier. Another important thing to remember while choosing a quote is the alignment of the quote and your message.

2. Begin With a Question

The human being is a curious creature. This is the reason you can easily capture the attention of people by asking them a question. But here is a trick while asking a question.

Always ask a question that the majority of the audience doesn’t have an answer to. This will help you attract their full attention to your speech as a result of the curious nature of humans.

But how do you frame this kind of question? You will definitely find one if you read some recent studies, research or stats on the topic.

3. Stastics

In this rushing era, everyone is busy with their own stuff. And so, not everyone is aware of what is being happened in a particular space. Your speech has a scope to fill this gap.

You can start your speech with some recent statistics that will help you let your audience gain knowledge out of it. You can pick some surprising and shocking facts to catch the maximum attention.

Sometimes it will create an emotional environment and sometimes it will fill the audience with enthusiasm. So, Use them carefully with the proper alignment to your message.

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4. Create A Scenario

Instantly attracting your audience to your speech works like wonders. Creating an imaginary scene is also a good strategy to draw the attention of your audience.

It will help you channel their thinking with yours. It puts your audience straight into the presentation by letting each member visualize an impressive scenario.

5. Awake Curiosity

As discussed above, the human is a curious being. You can also start your speech by awaking curiosity within your audience. For example, “10 things you should know about your daily routine that are harming your health”.

This way your audience will keep listening to your words until you tell the last one. You might be surprised to know that many TED Talkers use this technique.

6. A problem

Find a problem related to your topic that still exists. Let your audience about the problem. Present your suggestions and ask them too. This will create a connection between you and the audience.

Do remember that you should discuss a practical problem instead of a theoretical one.

Public Speaking Tips

7. Tell a story

We humans love to listen to stories. No matter what our ages are when someone tells us a story we just start listening like kids. This is an inherited feature of humans because it is also a source of entertainment.

Entertainment is the most demanding thing on the planet. That is why Telling a story at the start of your speech is one of the best methods.

8. Powerful Statement

You can also start your speech with a powerful statement that leaves your audience to think. keeping silence for a moment will aggravate the attention of the audience.

If the statement resonates with your audience, your job is done. Just continue and keep them engaged.

NOTE- Making sure that you do not bore your audience is equally important. In other words, You should not start a speech that your audience is used to listen. It is quite okay for students to start that way, but if you want to deliver a professional speech, don’t make these mistakes.