Essay on Father’s Day [3+ best Examples]

Essay On Father's Day

Essay On Father’s Day- Fathers are special but they are less appreciated. Their love goes unnoticed Because they don’t express their feelings as mothers do. But every child knows how much their father loves him/her. Father’s Day is a Day in the calendar when children gift their fathers a special thing, love. But what about … Read more

Best Speech On Global Warming [Top 3]

Speech on global warming

Speech On Global Warming– Everyone might surely have had a fever in his lifetime. Fever is nothing but a rise in the average temperature of one’s physical body. This rise in temperature disturbs the internal ecosystem of the body. In the same way, our planet has a suitable average temperature to sustain life. When this … Read more

Paragraph On Global Warming [Top 3 Best]

Paragraph on Global Warming

Paragraph On Global Warming- Global warming is simply a continuous increase in the earth’s average temperature. It is becoming a severe problem for the existence of life on this planet. Humanity is facing a lot of negative impacts of global warming. The life of any species depends on multiple factors. One of those is a … Read more

1-Minute Speech on Environmental Pollution

Speech on environmental pollution

Do you participate in any speech competitions? And the topic is a 1-minute speech on environmental pollution. Then You are at the right place. Here are given 2 different speeches on Environmental pollution. These speeches are well designed to get you the first prize in the competition. But You can make some changes based on … Read more

Best Paragraph on My School [Top 3]

Paragraph on my school

Paragraph on My School– Every student feels proud of his/her school. This is because of positive experiences provided by his/her school. A school is a place where education is provided. Education helps an individual to improve their quality of life. Besides the basic function of a school, each one is different from the others. There … Read more

Speech on My School [Top 3 Best]

Speech on My school

Speech on My School-Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. This weapon is provided in schools. A school is a place where education is provided. Education helps an individual to improve their quality of life. Every school has its unique features. Also, it possesses some weaknesses. Before delivering … Read more

Essay On Summer Vacation [3+ best Examples]

Essay on Summer Vacation

Essay On Summer Vacation- A break is an essential part of any work. As a break, Summer vacation is the most awaited event in every student’s life. After the long term of the last class, students get a relieving time for their physical and mental health. Summer Vacation is a time for students that fetch … Read more

Essay on Poverty [Causes, effects & Eradication]

Essay on Poverty

Essay on Poverty: You might be shocked to know the fact that “70 % of the population of the world holds only 3% wealth of the world”. Rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. After knowing this shocking data what do you think about poverty? Many tell that poverty is a state … Read more