My Hobby Drawing: 10 lines for kids

Below are given 10 lines on my hobby drawing or painting. You can write 10 lines about my hobbies singing, dancing, reading, cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. Just make some changes in words and your work is done.😊

1️⃣ My favourite hobby is drawing and painting.
2️⃣ I love to draw colourful paintings.
3️⃣ After finishing my homework, I draw a painting daily.
4️⃣ When I draw something, I feel very energised.
5️⃣ I have won many prizes in drawing competitions.

6️⃣ It is a very enjoyable activity for me.
7️⃣ I can never be bored with my hobby.
8️⃣ I keep a drawing album with me.
9️⃣ That album is full of drawings and paintings.
🔟 Whenever someone visits my home, my mother shows them my drawing album.

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