Full Guide To Hindi Number Counting | 1 to 100 in Words in the Hindi language | Digits And Ordinals

Learning a new number scheme can be adventures for oneself. Initially, Hindi number counting from 1 to 100 seems to be challenging. But when you start practising, it becomes so simple.

The Hindi Language is the mother tongue of India. Hindi number system is a part of the Hindi language. Learning these numbers comprises writing, reading and pronouncing.

One requires to learn from 1 to 100. After, It is easy to form any Hindi number precisely. So, get ready and let’s go on this adventurous journey of learning a new skill.

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Understanding The Hindi Digits From 0 to 9

Digits are fundamental elements of any number system. In the same way, one requires to learn Hindi digits from 0 to 9 to start better learning. You will also get a glimpse of Hindi ordinals.

Digit [Pronunciation]Hindi Digit [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
0 [Zero] [Shoon’ya]शून्य
1 [One] [Ek]एक 
2 [Two] [Do]दो
3 [Three] [Teen]तीन 
4 [Four] [Chaar]चार     
5 [Five] [Paanch]पांच     
6 [Six] [Chhah]छह      
7 [Seven] [Saat]सात    
8 [Eight] [Aath]आठ
9 [Nine] [Nau/Nav]नौ

Hindi Number Counting From 0 to 9

Hindi Number Counting (Hindi Ginati) 1 to 10

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
1 [One] [Ek]एक 
2 [Two] [Do]दो
3 [Three] [Teen]तीन 
4 [Four] [Chaar]चार     
5 [Five] [Paanch]पांच     
6 [Six] [Chhah]छह      
7 [Seven] [Saat]सात    
8 [Eight] [Aath]आठ
9 [Nine] [Nau/Nav]नौ
10 [Ten]१० [Das]दस

Hindi Number Counting From 11 to 20

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
11 [Eleven]११ [Gyaa-rah]ग्यारह
12 [Twelve]१२ [ baa-rah]बारह
13 [Thirteen]१३ [Te-rah]तेरह
14 [Fourteen]१४ [Chau-dah]चौदह
15 [Fifteen]१५ [Pandrah]पन्द्रह
16 [Sixteen]१६ [Solah]सोलह
17 [Seventeen]१७ [Sat-trah]सत्रह
18 [Eighteen]१८ [Attha-rah]अट्ठारह
19 [Nineteen]१९ [Unnees]उन्नीस
20 [Twenty]२० [Bees]बीस

Hindi Number Counting From 21 to 30

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
21 [Twenty-One] [Ik-kees]इक्कीस
22 [Twenty-Two][ baa-is]बाईस
23 [Twenty-Three] [Te-is]तेईस
24 [Twenty-Four] [Chau-bees]चौबीस
25 [Twenty-Five] [Pach-chees]पच्चीस
26 [Twenty-Six] [Chhab-bees]छब्बीस
27 [Twenty-Seven] [Sat-taais]सत्ताईस
28 [Twenty-Eight] [Attha-is]अट्ठाईस
29 [Twenty-Nine][Un-tees]उनतीस
30 [Thirty][Tees]तीस

Hindi Number Counting From 31 to 40

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
31 [Thirty-One] [Ik-tees]इक्तीस
32 [Thirty-Two][ bat-tees]बत्तीस
33 [Thirty-Three] [Tai-tees]तैतीस
34 [Thirty-Four] [Chau-tees]चौतीस
35 [Thirty-Five] [Pae-tees]पैंतीस
36 [Thirty-Six] [Chhat-tees]छत्तीस
37 [Thirty-Seven] [Sae-tees]सैंतीस
38 [Thirty-Eight] [Ad-tees]अड़तीस
39 [Thirty-Nine][Un-ta-lees]उनतालीस
40 [Forty][Cha-lees]चालीस

Hindi Number Counting From 41 to 50

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
41 [Forty-One]४१ [Ik-ta-lees]इक्तालीस
42 [Forty-Two][ baya-lees]बयालीस
43 [Forty-Three] [Tai-ta-lees]तैतालीस
44 [Forty-Four] [Chau-ra-lees]चौरालीस
45 [Forty-Five] [Pai-ta-lees]पैंतालीस
46 [Forty-Six] [Chhiya-lees]छियालीस
47 [Forty-Seven] [Sai-ta-lees]सैंतालीस
48 [Forty-Eight] [Ad-ta-lees]अड़तालीस
49 [Forty-Nine][Un-chaas]उनचास
50 [Fifty][Pachaas]पचास

Hindi Number Counting From 51 to 60

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
51 [Fifty-One] [Ik-kya-van]इक्यावन
52 [Fifty-Two][ ba-van]बावन
53 [Fifty-Three] [Tir-pan]तिरपन
54 [Fifty-Four] [Chau-van]चौवन
55 [Fifty-Five] [Pach-pan]पचपन
56 [Fifty-Six] [Chhap-pan]छप्पन
57 [Fifty-Seven] [Satta-van]सत्तावन
58 [Fifty-Eight] [Attha-van]अट्ठावन
59 [Fifty-Nine][Un-sath]उनसठ
60 [Sixty][Saath]साठ

Hindi Number Counting From 61 to 70

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
61 [Sixty-One] [Ik-sath]इकसठ
62 [Sixty-Two][ ba-sath]बासठ
63 [Sixty-Three] [Tir-sath]तिरसठ
64 [Sixty-Four] [Chau-sath]चौसठ
65 [Sixty-Five] [Pae-sath]पैंसठ
66 [Sixty-Six] [Chhiya-sath]छियासठ
67 [Sixty-Seven] [Sar-sath]सरसठ
68 [Sixty-Eight] [Ar-sath]अरसठ
69 [Sixty-Nine][Un-hat-tar]उनहत्तर
70 [Seventy][Sattar]सत्तर

Hindi Number Counting From 71 to 80

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
71 [Seventy-One] [Ik-hat-tar]इकहत्तर
72 [Seventy-Two][ ba-hat-tar]बहत्तर
73 [Seventy-Three] [Ti-hat-tar]तिहत्तर
74 [Seventy-Four] [Chau-hat-tar]चौहत्तर
75 [Seventy-Five] [Pach-hat-tar]पचहत्तर
76 [Seventy-Six] [Chhi-hat-tar]छिहत्तर
77 [Seventy-Seven] [Sat-hat-tar]सतहत्तर
78 [Seventy-Eight] [Ath-hat-tar]अठहत्तर
79 [Seventy-Nine][Unya-si]उन्यासी
80 [Eighty][Assi]अस्सी

Hindi Number Counting From 81 to 90

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
81 [Eighty-One] [Ikya-si]इक्यासी
82 [Eighty-Two][baya-si]बयासी
83 [Eighty-Three] [Tira-si]तिरासी
84 [Eighty-Four] [Chau-ra-si]चौरासी
85 [Eighty-Five] [Pach-cha-si]पचासी
86 [Eighty-Six] [Chhi-ya-si]छियासी
87 [Eighty-Seven] [Sat-ta-si]सत्तासी
88 [Eighty-Eight] [Ath-tha-si]अट्ठासी
89 [Eighty-Nine][Nava-si]नवासी
90 [Ninety][Nabbe]नब्बे

Hindi Number Counting From 91 to 100

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
91 [Ninety-One] [Ikya-nave]इक्यानवे
92 [Ninety-Two][ba-nave]बानवे
93 [Ninety-Three] [Tira-nave]तिरानवे
94 [Ninety-Four] [Chau-ra-nave]चौरानवे
95 [Ninety-Five] [Pancha-nave]पंचानवे
96 [Ninety-Six] [Chhi-ya-nave]छियानवे
97 [Ninety-Seven] [Sat-ta-nave]सत्तानवे
98 [Ninety-Eight] [Ath-tha-nave]अट्ठानवे
99 [Ninety-Nine][Ninya-nave]निन्यानवे
100 [One-hundred][Sau]/[Ek-sau]सौ / एक-सौ

Hindi Number Counting From 101 to 110

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
101 [One-hundred-One] [Ek-sau-ek]एक-सौ एक
102 [One-hundred-Two][Ek-sau-do]एक-सौ दो
103 [One-hundred-Three] [Ek-sau-teen]एक-सौ तीन
104 [One-hundred-Four] [Ek-sau-chaar]एक-सौ चार
105 [One-hundred-Five] [Ek-sau-paanch]एक-सौ पांच
106 [One-hundred-Six] [Ek-sau-chhah]एक-सौ छह
107 [One-hundred-Seven] [Ek-sau-saat]एक-सौ सात
108 [One-hundred-Eight] [Ek-sau-aath]एक-सौ आठ
109 [One-hundred-Nine][Ek-sau-nau]एक-सौ नौ
110 [One-hundred-ten]११० [Ek-sau-das]एक-सौ दस

Hindi Number Counting From 111 to 120

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
111 [One-hundred-eleven]११ [Ek-sau-gyarah]एक-सौ ग्यारह
112 [One-hundred-Twelve]११[Ek-sau-baarah]एक-सौ बारह
113 [One-hundred-Thirteen]११ [Ek-sau-terah]एक-सौ तेरह
114 [One-hundred-Fourteen]११ [Ek-sau-chaudah]एक-सौ चौदह
115 [One-hundred-fifteen]११ [Ek-sau-pandrah]एक-सौ पंद्रह
116 [One-hundred-Sixteen]११ [Ek-sau-solah]एक-सौ सोलह
117 [One-hundred-Seventeen]११ [Ek-sau-satrah]एक-सौ सत्रह
118 [One-hundred-Eighteen]११ [Ek-sau-attharah]एक-सौ अट्ठारह
119 [One-hundred-Nineteen]११[Ek-sau-unnees]एक-सौ उन्नीस
120 [One-hundred-twenty][Ek-sau-bees]एक-सौ बीस

Hindi Number Counting From 120 to 1000

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
120 [One-hundred-Twenty]१२० [Ek-sau-bees]एक-सौ बीस
130 [One-hundred-Thirty]३० [Ek-sau-tees]एक-सौ तीस
140 [One-hundred-Forty]१४० [Ek-sau-chaalees]एक-सौ चालीस
150 [One-hundred-Fifty]१५० [Ek-sau-pachaas]एक-सौ पचास
160 [One-hundred-Sixty]१६० [Ek-sau-saath]एक-सौ साठ
170 [One-hundred-Seventy]१७० [Ek-sau-sattar]एक-सौ सत्तर
180 [One-hundred-Eighty]१८० [Ek-sau-assee]एक-सौ अस्सी
190 [One-hundred-Ninety]१९० [Ek-sau-nabbe]एक-सौ नब्बे
200 [Two-hundred]२०० [Do-sau]दो-सौ
300 [Three-hundred]३०० [Teen-sau]तीन-सौ
400 [Four-hundred]४०० [Chaar-sau]चार-सौ
500 [Five-hundred]५०० [Paanch-sau]पाँच-सौ
600 [Six-hundred]६०० [Chhah-sau]छह-सौ
700 [Seven-hundred]७०० [Saat-sau]सात-सौ
800 [Eight-hundred]८०० [Aath-sau]आठ-सौ
900 [Nine-hundred]९०० [Nau-sau]नौ-सौ
1000 [One-thousand]१००० [Ek-hazaar]एक-हज़ार

Hindi Number Counting From 1,000 to 100,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000

Numeral [Pronunciation]Hindi Numeral [Pronunciation]In Hindi Words
1,000 [One Thousand]१,००० [Ek hazaar]एक हज़ार
10,000 [Ten Thousand]१०,००० [Das hazaar]दस हज़ार
100,000 [Hundred Thousand]१,००,००० [Ek lakh]एक लाख
1,000,000 [One Million]१०,००,००० [Das lakh]दस लाख
10,000,000 [Ten Million]१,००,००,००० [Ek crore]एक करोड़
100,000,000 [Hundred Million]१०,००,००,००० [Das crore]दस करोड़
1,000,000,000 [One Billion]१,००,००,००,००० [Ek arab]एक अरब
10,000,000,000 [Ten Billion]१०,००,००,००,००० [Das arab]दस अरब
100,000,000,000 [Hundred Billion]१,००,००,००,००,००० [Ek kharab]एक खरब
1000,000,000,000 [One Trillion]१०,००,००,००,००,००० [Das kharab]दस खरब
10,000,000,000,000 [Ten Trillion]१,००,००,००,००,००,००० [Ek neel]एक नील
100,000,000,000,000 [Hundred Trillion]१०,००,००,००,००,००,००० [Das neel]दस नील
1000,000,000,000,000 [One quadrillion]१,००,००,००,००,००,००,००० [Ek padma]एक पद्मा

The table of Hindi numbers given above will help you understand the Hindi numbers at a good level. Practice it for further betterment.

A Brief Guide To Hindi Ordinals

Ordinal [Pronounciation] Hindi Ordinal [Pronounciation]In Hindi Words
1st [First]१ला [Pahla]पहला
2nd [Second]२रा [Doosra]दूसरा
3rd [Third]३रा [Teesra]तीसरा
4th [Fourth]४था [Chautha]चौथा
5th [Sixth]५वा [Paanchva]पांचवा
6th [Sixth]६ठा [Chhatha]छठा
7th [Seventh]७वां [Saatva]सातवाँ
8th [Eighth]८वां [Aathva]आठवाँ
9th [Nineth]९वां [Nava]नौवाँ
10th [Tenth]१०वां [Dasva]दसवाँ

Note- Use Suffix “Va” With other Hindi numbers to transform the number in Hindi ordinal.

  1. What is “one-fourth” called in Hindi?

    Ek-Chauthaai (एक चौथाई)

  2. What is “half” called in Hindi?

    Aadha (आधा)

  3. What is “quarter to” called in HIndi?

    Paune (पौने)
    Ex:- Quarter to two (1.75) is called “Paune do” in Hindi.
    And “Quarter to 10” (9:30) o’clock is called “Paune das” in Hindi.

  4. What is “Quarter past ” Called in Hindi?

    savaa (सवा)
    Ex:- Quarter past two (2.25) is called “Savaa do” in Hindi.
    And “Quarter Past 10” (10:15) o’clock is called “Sava das” in Hindi.

  5. What is “Half Past” called in Hindi?

    Saadhe (साढ़े)
    Ex:- Half past three (3:30) is called “Saadhe teen” in Hindi.
    And “Half Past 10” (10:30) o’clock is called “Saadhe das” in Hindi.

  6. What is one million in Hindi?

    One million= Das Lakh (दस लाख)

  7. What is one billion in Hindi?

    One billion= Sau crore (सौ करोड़)

  8. What does 1K mean in Hindi numbers?

    1K=1 Kilo= 1000= Ek hazaar (एक हज़ार)