Essay Writing Guide | How to Write a Good Essay

One student must know how to write a good essay that urges the reader (teacher) to keep reading. Essay writing is an art that expresses the idea of the topic and the features of the author as well.

An essay can portray the mental abilities of a person. So, essay writing has become a prevalent method to test one’s creative and analytical mental abilities. It also reveals the knowledge of a language of a person.

Most people think that essay writing is all about writing large walls of text about a given topic but it is more than that. It consists of creativity, management, engagement, analytical ability, focus and error-free delivery.

Below, we will understand what are the basic principles to compose an extraordinary essay that engages and satisfies the reader. So, keep reading for the magical tips on how to write a good essay.

Before we go forward to dive deep into the art of writing a good essay, we need to understand its basic structure and some of its basics.

What Is An Essay?

An essay is a written composition that is designed to present an idea, express emotion, propose an argument, or initiate debate. It is a tool that is used to display the writer’s ideas in a non-fictional way.

The word “essay” roots back to the French word “essayer” which means “to attempt”. This is a fit name for this writing form because the essay’s final purpose is to attempt to persuade the audience of something.

The essay comes in many shapes and sizes. It can focus on an individual experience or a totally academic exploration of a topic. An essay can be as short as 200 words and as long as 5000 words.

Parts of An Essay: The Basic Format

Parts of an essay

An essay basically comprises three parts. The first part is known as “the introductory part“. It introduces the basic idea of the topic.

The second part is known as “the body“. This section is used to explore the idea beyond the introduction and to give depth to the topic.

The third and last part is “the conclusion“. This part demonstrates the main essence of the given topic. It could be different based upon the type of the essay.

Introduction of Essay

Introduction“- as the name suggests it is purely used to introduce the topic. But it is not limited to introduction. The main aim of this part is to give a brief punchy statement that intends to grab the reader’s or examiner’s attention and make him or her continue to read the rest part.

While there is no clear cut formula for writing a good introduction but you can make it engaging by using some techniques discussed below.

  1. Use a hook- Start your essay with an attention-grabbing “hook”. It can be an interesting fact or statistic about the topic, a quotation, a rhetorical question, a prevalent misconception about the topic or a short humorous story that covers your topic.
  2. Introduce the main Idea- Just after the hook, you need to write a few sentences about the specific focus of your topic. What is your topic about? Why is this topic important? You can also give some background information to clarify your context.
  3. State your thesis- Now, it turns to state your thesis. It can be different according to the type of essay. You can give your own point of views with supporting examples and elements.
How to write a good introduction of an essay

Main Body of Essay

The main purpose of a body part is to explain your thesis in detail with supporting elements. The first sentence of your body paragraph should be very effective and impressive. Ensure that every paragraph discusses a different point.

One specific point must not be discussed too much or you will be running out of words to explain other subtopics. Here is a technique to plan your essay that worth writing and captures the reader’s attention.

Do you watch any tv serials? You may be thinking about why this question is asked and what is the relation between tv serials and essay writing. In reality, there is no such relation between the two. But they can help you a lot to compose your body part of any essay. But how?

If you follow a tv serial you can relate and if you not, you will be known to the concept behind it. In every episode you see, in the last few minutes, it is designed in a way that urges the viewer to watch the next episode. So, what did you learn from this technique?

This technique reveals you to plan your body paragraphs in such a way that drive the reader to head over to the next paragraph. Finish your paragraphs evoking a new curiosity about the topic and start the next paragraph continuing the later part of the previous paragraph and end it again with a new curiosity.

You need to do it again and again until and unless your body part is complete. This is simply called creating engagement towards your composition. It happens just because of the very nature of human being to get answers to their curiosity.

NOTE- If you wish to see an example of what is discussed above. You can read all the six paragraphs above again. It is drafted the same way it has been discussed.

How to write a Conclusion

A conclusion is the crux of the essay. Make sure your conclusion is in accordance with your introductory paragraph.

Start the conclusion with the main idea of the topic. In the conclusion, let the reader recall the main theme of the essay.

Do not introduce any new idea in the conclusion. This is the wrong way to conclude an essay. It can make your essay messy and unclear. So, be very aware while writing your conclusion.

Recall all the components in brief in a significant and logical way. Try to infuse the main crux of very significant points from your essay in brief.

At last, you can give your own opinion. Also, you can use a quotation that amplifies your main point.

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