Essay on Environmental Pollution [Short + Long]

“Destruction is a man’s will, Nevertheless, Prevention is also a man’s will, It’s a man’s choice to choose between Destruction and Prevention. Environmental Pollution is a big concern that is harming our planet earth.

Short Essay On Environmental Pollution In 250 Words


The surroundings in which we all live are called the environment. This environment is made up of several elements. When these elements lose their actual quality, this is called environmental pollution.

In other words, When our environment gets contaminated by pollutants, We refer to it as Environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is affecting the lives of living beings on Earth in a negative way.

Essay on Environmental Pollution | Introdcudction

Causes of Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution is a combination of air, water and soil pollution. Human activities through urbanization, industrialization and mining are the primary cause of global environmental pollution.

Fuel-based vehicles, burning of fossil fuel, deforestation and industrialisation have brought the largest changes in the environment. Environmental pollution is not a new theory, yet it is the biggest challenge for humanity to combat.

Even the environment is less likely to return to its initial stage. The air, the water and the soil, Everything is being exploited by humans. They are not a bit concerned about protecting it. Despite the strict laws and regulations, the impact is still being felt due to its harsh long-term outcomes.

Effects of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is posing an intense effect on each component of the atmosphere. It is because everything in the environment is interdependent. If one element gets disturbed, the other one is impacted automatically. For example, when the air gets contaminated, living beings get uncomfortable.

It is impacting the air, the water, the soil and eventually the food. Because of food produced in the presence of polluted soil and water, our health also gets affected adversely. Also, Climate change is also a result of environmental pollution. It affects the physical and biological components of the ecosystem.


In conclusion, In order to imagine the presence of life on earth in the long run, we need to conquer this threat for humanity so that our future generations can live healthy and comfortable life. The only solution is less pollution.

Long Essay on Environment Pollution | 500 Words


Someone has correctly said that “Man is the only animal that fouls its own nest”. The environment in which we live today is not the perfect version of it. It is because humans have polluted each element of the environment.

This pollution is referred to as environmental pollution. The present scenario of the world is a result of the exploitation of the earth and its resources.

With the increment in pollution, living beings are less likely to live the comfortable life that they used to live earlier. A lot of fatal diseases occur because of environmental pollution. This problem is becoming critical day by day.

Importance of environment

The environment is the first requirement for the execution of life on the planet. We can not estimate its real worth but can observe it to some extent. Because of pollution, every element of the environment like the quality of air, water or temperature is being affected. There can easily be observed changes in these elements.

The environment maintains ecological equilibrium on Earth. This balance is needed for each species on the planet but environmental pollution makes it complex. It is believed that only the earth’s environment supports life in the observable universe and in fact, we are alive all because it supports us.

Causes of Environment Pollution

Hundreds of factors are responsible for environmental pollution. Some are natural and some are because of human activities. For natural ones, we can’t control much but for human-made reasons, we can take some wise resolutions. Below is a list of factors that causes environmental pollution.

  • Pollution– It is one of the most main causes of environmental degradation. With the increase of industries, it has increased rapidly.
  • Greenhouse gases– Greenhouse gases are the second cause that affects our climate and environment drastically. These gases are mainly responsible for the increased temperature of our planet.
  • Ozone depletion– That layer that protects the earth from the ultraviolet rays of the sun is depleting slowly and it is also a cause of environmental degradation.

Effects of environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is affecting the lives of living beings on Earth. First of all, carbon and dust particles in the air are affection the respiratory system of humans and cause fatal breathing diseases. Also, these factors weaken the immune system of humans.

Apart from it, the supply of chemical wastes and decomposition in the land is making the soil unfertile and venomous.

Water is a substance that can easily be contaminated. The discharge of industrial chemical waste into the water is snatching the quality of the water. Because of the toxicity of water and soil, the crops grown in the presence of these are also toxic. So eventually environmental pollution is impacting the quality of food we eat.

Last but not the least, Environmental pollution is creating major changes in the climate. The changes in the pattern of rain, fluctuations in the period of seasons, global warming, and sudden natural calamities are a result of climate change. In other words, they are the result of environmental pollution.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, humans have exploited the wealth of natural resources for the sake of money. But that money can not buy us the initial environmental conditions back. The time has come to wake up from sleep and fix the problem. We need to treat the conditions in order to expect the presence of life that is hard to find on any other planet in the universe.

Essay on Environmental Pollution | Conclusion


  1. The contamination of the physical and biological components of the environment to such an extent that normal environmental processes are adversely affected.

  2. What are the causes of environmental pollution?

    The major causes of environmental pollution are pollution, greenhouse gases, and human activities.

  3. How to Write an Essay on Environmental Pollution?

    Follow these steps
    1. Write an engaging introduction
    2. think of some subheadings
    3. Give a structure to subheadings
    4. Write the middle body
    5. Write a conclusion with a finishing touch.
    That’s All, Your Essay on Environmental Pollution is complete.

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