15 Days Leave Application For School [3+ Examples]

15 Days Leave

Schooling is an important aspect for kids and children. It prepares them for achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams. Schooling provides formal education and has a fixed schedule and timings. Missing one or two classes can burden the students with extra classes. Hence, students are advised to attend classes regularly. But there are many … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of Friendship?

The meaning of friendship

You definitely understand what is friendship and its significance in life but I am sure you did not ever try to define The Meaning Of Friendship. In this post, we will try to define the word- friendship. If you examine the dictionary you get get a definition- “a relationship between people who are friends”. No … Read more

BODMAS [Examples + Rules]

BODMAS: Full Form

The BODMAS Rule refers to an order of solving mathematical operations. This Acronym helps students to remember the order of what mathematical operation must be done first and what to be done after. Below we will see how this BODMAS Rule helps to solve maths. BODMAS Rule is a mathematical concept of solving arithmetic & … Read more