Best Essay on Wonder of Science [With Headings]

Essay On Wonder Of Science

Essay On Wonder Of Science– “Science”– The smaller the word, The greater its influence in human lives. Look all around yourself. What do you see? I am pretty sure everyone can easily observe the holy presence of science in some form. Science is a tool that can convert imagination into reality. In fact, It has … Read more

Best Essay on Teacher’s Day [With Headings]

Essay On Teacher's Day

Essay on Teacher’s Day- India celebrates teacher’s day on 5th September every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. This day is an expression of gratitude towards our true guides and well-wishers even if what they do for us can not be repaid off. Teacher’s day is celebrated all over the world but on different dates. … Read more

Best Essay on My Teacher [With Headings]

Essay On My Teacher

Essay on My teacher– A great teacher is not that hard to discover. The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. There is no substitute for a great teacher and you can not repay him/her even by devoting your whole life. Teachers play a crucial role in the field of education, who … Read more

Essay On Health Is Wealth [With Headings]

Essay On Health Is Wealth

Essay On Health Is Wealth: Health is wealth. This is not only a sentence of three words. It holds a vast meaning inside. Health is the first step towards success in any field. To get a healthy life, one should make some changes to his life. These changes can be your eating habits, your sleeping … Read more

Best Essay On Water Conservation [With Headings]

Essay On Water Conservation

Essay On Water Conservation– Water is Life and Life is water. Without one the other can not exist. It is the basis of life on earth but we don’t realise its real value. In order to prevent water scarcity, Water conservation is only the remedy. What is Water Conservation: Water conservation refers to the preservation, control … Read more

Best Essay on Friendship And Its Importance [With Headings]

Essay On Friendship

Essay On Friendship- Everyone must know the fact that A friendship of more than seven years lasts for a lifetime. Friendship is important because it teaches us life lessons. You learn to love people apart from family members. Having a good friendship that inspires you, supports you, and always stands by you at difficult times is a fortune. sometimes … Read more

Best Essay On Water Pollution [With Headings]

Essay On Water Pollution

Essay On Water Pollution- Water pollution is a severe environmental problem around the world. We must be very conscious of this problem and make others informed about it. We exist because of the existence of water. Water is one of the fundamental needs to survive on this planet. All the organisms on Earth require water … Read more