20 Lines On Summer Vacation For Students

Summer vacation is the most awaited time for kids. This time is all theirs. They can enjoy it the way they want. Here are 20 lines on summer vacation for students and children.

[ 20 Lines On Summer Vacation ]

  1. I like the summer season because it brings us summer vacations.
  2. Summer vacation is an opportunity to enjoy free of the regular schedule.
  3. It is a time when we don’t have any pressure of studies.
  4. Summer vacation comes after writing the annual exams.
  5. It is an occasion to enjoy your hobbies like dancing, singing, painting etc.
  1. We use to be excited about our summer vacation.
  2. My friends also wait for this adventurous time.
  3. We plan how to spend summer vacation this year.
  4. I always explore new things and places on my summer vacation.
  5. During this vacation, I visited my grandparent’s village which is located in Uttar Pradesh state.
  1. I felt very good there and enjoyed the peace of the village.
  2. My Grandfather has some land for farming.
  3. I and my sister went there and learnt about agriculture.
  4. We also helped our grandfather a little bit in the fields.
  1. I also met a lot of children in that village and make them my friends.
  2. I and my friend played outdoor games every day.
  3. So. My summer vacation was very awesome and full of adventure.
  1. I have planned to visit a hill station on my next summer vacation.
  2. I daily count the left number of days in my summer vacation.
  3. By the way, I will talk to my friends about my summer vacation.

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