15 Lines Essay on My School For Class 1

  1. A school is a place where our future is designed.
  2. My school is one of the most popular schools in my town.
  3. My school’s name is S.M. Public School (Your school’s name).
  4. The building is very beautiful and vast.
  5. It is situated in the middle of town.
  1. There is a big auditorium for prayer.
  2. It has a huge playground where I play with my friends.
  3. It has fifty big classrooms with white, black, and green boards.
  4. We also have a lawn and garden there.
  5. The teachers at my school are very kind and caring to all students.
  1. Our principal is a kind person. He never punishes anyone.
  2. My school has a big library where we can read books.
  3. Our science lab, the computer lab is very modern and well equipped.
  4. Every day I learn new things there so I don’t miss any classes.
  5. We celebrate many functions at my school.
  1. Our school brings us on a trip or picnic every year.
  2. At the picnic, I and my friends do a lot of fun.
  3. Our school also conducts many competitions related to speeches, quizzes, sports, and debates.
  4. Last year I won a prize in a quiz competition.
  5. I love my school very much as I feel very comfortable there.

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