10 Points On Cleanliness For Students

  1. Cleanliness means keeping ourselves clean and hygienic.
  2. We can maintain cleanliness with the help of some habits.
  3. We need to take a bath daily to be healthy.
  4. Long nails should be cut from time to time.
  5. We must brush our teeth daily to protect them from germs.
  1. We also need to keep our hands clean.
  2. We can wash our hands every hour.
  3. A clean house is also a part of cleanliness.
  4. Always try to not enter the home with shoes.
  5. We also can use a mask to avoid diseases like cough and fever.
  1. Wash your hands properly before eating food.
  2. We must wash fruits before eating them because they can make us ill.
  3. Don’t eat at any dirty places and don’t drink water from dirty places.
  4. We will be healthy and safe if we follow these habits.
  5. I will follow them and also tell my friends to follow cleanliness.

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