10 Lines On Water for Kids

  1. Water is an important natural resource.
  2. We use it in drinking, washing, cooking and more.
  3. Water is important for every living being on Earth.
  4. Life is not possible without water on Earth.
  5. Plants also need water to cook their food.
  1. We get water from water bodies like rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  2. We can also pull water from under the ground using handpumps.
  3. It is the most valuable gift from God.
  4. But we don’t realise the real value of water.
  5. People drain water without any reason.
  6. We should not waste water by doing useless activities.
  1. We keep open the water tap while brushing our teeth.
  2. It is a reason for Water wastage and we should be careful to save water.
  3. And we waste a lot of water when we take showers at home.
  4. Children waste a lot of water playing with water during festivals like Holi.
  5. I promise to save water from now and I will not waste the water.

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